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Established in 1969, Liberty International is the oldest organization promoting libertarianism worldwide. With our presence in 27 countries, LI has successfully promoted libertarian ideas and fostered a global network of freedom champions, empowering them to become change agents in their own countries. Through LI in-person training, it has been offering a short-term certificate course “Liberty Camp”, and a long-term, in-depth intensive course “Project Arizona”, in partnership with other pro-liberty organizations. Over 3000 students have graduated from courses and continue to propel the liberty movement.



Finding and Expanding Freedom in An Unfree World


We want to make freedom a global matter. All our activities aim at bringing the philosophy of liberty closer to every person around the world. We believe that it doesn’t matter where we start as long as we build relations. We mainly work with students and recent graduates. We see the world free of governmental overpower yet full of individual responsibility. We see the world freer, more open, and more individualised.

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