Established in 1969, Liberty International is the oldest organization promoting libertarianism worldwide. Our purpose is to bring liberty to every corner of the world by sharing the philosophy and benefits of freedom, with special emphasis on educating newcomers. We spread liberty and foster a global network of freedom champions, empowering them to become change agents in their own countries.

Project Arizona

Project Arizona is an elite program established in 2017 that consist in a semester-long program for young, outstanding leaders of the global freedom change. Now, it is organized by Liberty International!

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2019 Liberty International World Conference

The official report from 2019 Mongolia Conference is now posted!

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New Liberty International Podcast!

Liberty International is a podcast hosted by LI’s President Jacek Spendel. The idea behind the podcast is to introduce passionate freedom fighters form faraway countries to international audience.

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Austrian School Economic Road Show across China, organized by Li Schoolland

This 10th annual summer program was the brainchild of Li Schoolland in 2009 and has grown to accommodate 200 students from 8 countries.

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What’s happening in the cause of liberty around the world.


Our mission is to promote the cause of liberty through…


giving students the skills they need to achieve greater freedom


connecting activists, academics, and freedom fighters of all forms


showing liberty as the most effective and ethical basis of society

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