LI advances world liberty for everyone through international education and networking.

Our activities include 33 World Conferences, with hundreds of student scholarships . . . Liberty Camps that have taught principles of liberty and entrepreneurship to 5000 students in 30+ countries . . . Liberty Book Translations in over 50 languages . . . eight annual China Austrian Economics Summer Schools for nearly 1000 students . . . and nearly 5 million print and electronic issue papers distributed throughout the world.

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LI Plans for 2018!

Thanks to the support by many of you, during 2017 Liberty International continued to spread the ideas of individual liberty and help the growth of a world liberty movement that is working for peace, freedom and prosperity.
We plan to do even more this coming year – starring our Krakow 2018 World Conference!

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Join LI friends in Krakow 2018

The 2018 Liberty International World Conference will be held in beautiful Krakow, Poland. The city survived World War II intact, and is full of magnificent old buildings, art, music, and fine food. Everybody we know who has been to Krakow raves about it.

Our mission is to promote the cause of liberty through…


giving students the skills they need to achieve greater freedom


connecting activists, academics, and freedom fighters of all forms


showing liberty as the most effective and ethical basis of society

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What’s happening in the cause of liberty around the world.


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