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Have you ever been told, “We’ll just have to agree to disagree”? That just means you could be communicating better! The Libertarian Solutions training course will teach you how to effectively communicate the concepts of liberty, encourage widespread understanding of these essential ideas, and bring new people into the fold.

Libertarianism is far more than a political ideology — it’s a philosophical system. Libertarian Solutions will acquaint you with how liberty actually works in the toughest testing ground of all — the real world.  Most libertarians are not aware that various aspects of liberty have been tried, at one time or another, in one place or another, and brought its practitioners the longed-for blessings of peace and plenty.  Libertarian Solutions will educate you not only in the principles of liberty, but also in the applications of liberty and the life-affirming, real-world outcomes.

People need to know how they’ll benefit before they will be excited about what you have to say. Libertarian Solutions shows you how liberty gives just about everyone what they ultimately want because freedom maximizes our chances for individual wealth, health, and happiness. In our interactive, live webinars, you can question the presenters directly to enhance your understanding of how to share their ideas easily with your contemporaries. Even if you miss a session or are in a part of the world that makes it difficult to attend live, you will have the opportunity to get direct feedback from each presenter so that all of your questions will be answered.
For decades, Liberty International has been bringing together the strongest minds to teach the tenets of libertarianism. In our Libertarian Solutions educational course, you’ll be trained by some of the most famous and successful libertarians in the world, with the opportunity to ask questions directly and fine-tune your understanding of the philosophy. For over 30 years, Liberty International (formerly the International Society for Individual Liberty) has been educating newcomers on how liberty works in the real world with their trifold pamphlet series.  For decades, state and county Libertarian Parties (LP) have been distributing our pamphlets at their fair booths, classroom presentations, and campaign rallies. In the early days of the libertarian movement, education of newcomers was an important undertaking for many libertarian nonprofits and LP affiliates. Our faculty members hold decades of experience.

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