Our flagship program provides training in classical liberal ideas – philosophy, economics, ethics, entrepreneurship – and introduces students to great thinkers and their works. They expand their knowledge by participating in group discussions, activities, debates, and seminars.

For each camp, we consult with our local partners, to understand their needs and goals, then tailor our standard program to meet those needs. We include workshops on how to apply classical liberal principles in real life to find civil society solutions to problems. Conducting the programs in English helps students develop an important skill for achieving a freer life.


Liberty Camps

What We Do

Inspirational networking and training organized in beautiful spots around the globe.


3500 Alumni

Our Entrepreneurship Workshops teach the morality and critical role of entrepreneurs in society, and guide students to examine the personal qualities and motivations that make a successful entrepreneur.

75 camps

Our Activism Workshops show students how to apply effectively their desire to effect change through political processes.

35 countries

Our Vision Workshops focus on preparing a working blueprint for change in students’ home countries, emphasizing private, voluntary action to solve local problems such as pollution, unemployment, corruption, or poverty.

We run Liberty Camps in collaboration with Language of Liberty Institute

The opportunity to participate in liberty camp turned out to be a great engine for me to become a champion of ideas of a free society. I founded a local chapter of Students for Liberty and another libertarian think tank called Action for Liberty and Economic development (ALED). Through these organisations I have got opportunity to speak to thousands of students and youth across Uganda and East Africa about free speech, individual liberty, limited government, rule of law and property rights.
The liberty camp was my opportunity to discover the best meaning of life
and my potential which comes with freedom. Amidst the chains of big government, my mind enjoys the breeze of liberty through believing in who I am and what brings my happiness as long as I don't step on others.This philosophy of
liberty has encouraged me to inspire young activists, students, youth and leaders to spread and also stand in defence of a free society. The Camp motivated me to read books like "The Road to Serfdom", "The Law", Ayn Rand and Von Mises. My intellectual life has been greatly impacted by this great libertarian literature. I am proudly liberated.

Mugabi John SocratesKampala, Uganda

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