Liberty International has organized 37 World Conferences since 1982, and all but three have been hosted outside the United States. These have helped inspire the creation and growth of regional networks, plus local organizations and outreach publishing projects in dozens of countries around the world. Our World Conferences are “family affairs” where the world’s most innovative libertarian minds connect and create lifelong friendships. Join us in learning about how to expand freedom in the conditions we face in present times.

International Network

Connect with our ever expanding network of libertarian activists and leaders from across the world.

Impactful Ideas

Engage with our top speakers discussing crucial issues in today’s battleground for liberty.

Immersive Experiences

Join libertarians from 30+ countries in sharing their stories of liberty’s advance across the world.


Join us in the Lone Star State for an inspiring journey as we address critical issues, educate, and collectively shape the future of freedom. Embrace liberty’s spirit in the heart of Texas at LIWC 2024.


This year’s conference would be hosted by our long time friends in the liberty movement. Also, we intend to continue our long standing tradition of recognizing prominent liberty champions who are changing the world.

Our Hosts

Geoffrey & Nancy Neale. Learn from experienced leaders: libertarian power couple hosts our event!

The Liberty Award

We have been granting the biggest heroes of liberty an award at the conference for decades.

Keynote Address

LIWC calls libertarians from across the globe to discuss the next frontier for liberty globally.

For questions and inquiries, send us an email at [email protected]

Join liberty champions from across the world in the heart of Texas, the Lone Star State!

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