By Ken Schoolland

February 2017
Ken: “How do we persuade people to embrace liberalism?” presentation and publication release of the Malaysian edition of The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible: A Free Market Odyssey, the 80th edition in more than 50 languages.
Li: “You plant the seeds, but do you watch them grow?”
Asia Liberty Forum, Mumbai, India (Li spoke again in 2018 at ALF in Jakarta)
April 10-12
“Freedom of Movement”
“Youth Liberty Literature”
Association of Private Enterprise Education, Lahaina, Maui

April 13
“Jones Act Forum”
Mercatus Center, George Mason University, Lahaina, Maui

May 7-10
Discussant on Mark Skousen’s presentation: “GO Beyond GDP: A Breakthrough in Macroeconomics,” Mont Pelerin Society, Seoul, Korea

July 1-4
Ken & Li: Free Market Academy Lecture Series, Silk Road Foundation, Töv, Mongolia

July 5
“Economic Freedom & Prosperity,” Silk Road Foundation, Khovd, Mongolia

July 12
“Problems of Redistribution,” UNIRULE Institute of Economics, Beijing, China

July 13
“Problems with Externalities,” IAPP-CIPA Seminar on Globalization and Open Markets, Renmin University, Beijing, China

July 14-21
Seminar Lecture Series, International Scholars of Economics and Management, Northeastern University, Shenyang, China

July 23
Ken “Creative ways to teach economics,” Panel at FreedomFest, Las Vegas
Li “Red State: The New Anti-Cultural Revolution” Panel at FreedomFest

Gathering at FreedomFest with supporters and members of Liberty International

Li and Ken recognized among the “100 Most Influential Libertarians” at FreedomFest 2017

August 10
Ken: “Judging the Economic and Security Impact of the Jones Act,”
Li: “Raising Libertarian Children”
Kenli: “Residency and Business Opportunities in Chile”
Liberty International/FL/CRECE/CIPP World Conference, Fajardo, Puerto Rico

May & September
Virtual Reading Group, 4 sessions weekly for two months, on “The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible: A Free Market Odyssey,” hosted by Ayemen Fatima (on right), Students for Liberty in India

PBS TV Debate: “Insights Hawaii: Impact of Jones Act and Maritime Shipping Regulation”
With Keli’I Akina, President of the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii

December 15
Patrick Mardini, President of the Lebanese Institute for Market Studies (LIMS) hosted activists from 5 major political parties: the Future Movement Party, the Lebanese Forces Party, the Lebanese Kataeb Party, the Azm Movement, and the National Liberal Party.
I was invited to be the facilitator for this workshop, the final step of LIMS Leaders Academy in partnership with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Lebanon and Syria, a yearly intensive economic capacity building program, aiming to empower party representatives to draft market-oriented policy propositions for feasible solutions in Lebanon. My wife was invited to give the keynote address at the graduation banquet for the International Federation of Liberal Youth’s (IFLY) 42nd annual General Assembly.

December 16
The Friedrich Naumann Foundation of Lebanon and Syria hosted the Liberal Alphabet Series, E: EnterTraining Liberals with a presentation on the use of my book for economics training, now published in 50+ languages worldwide, including Arabic, French, and English for use in Lebanon.

December 19-21
My wife, Li, gave presentations about China and I gave presentations about migration and prosperity at roundtable events for young leaders of the Democratic Renewal Political Party, the Lebanese Political Forces Political Party, AZM University, and the Future Movement Political Party.

2018 Highlights in March:
Li Schoolland with John Stossel on Reason TV from NYC:

Li Schoolland with Matt Kibbe on CRTV from Washington DC:

China's Socialist God | How Mao's Evil Aspirations Killed Millions

Li Schoolland, a survivor of communist China, tells her harrowing story of how Chairman Mao's government sought to replace God himself.

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