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March 30, 2022

[LIVE STREAM] What is the libertarian response to 🇷🇺Russian invasion in 🇺🇦Ukraine❓

Why are some people confused about the war in Ukraine? Join us live to watch a discussion between well traveled libertarians. Jacek Spendel (🇵🇱Poland), Federico Fernandez (🇦🇷Argentina), Nataliya Melnyk (🇺🇦Ukraine), Ilya Fomin (🇷🇺Russia), Agnieszka I. Płonka (🇵🇱Poland), Andreas Jürgens (🇩🇪Germany)…
February 14, 2022

How can capitalism come to life in Yugoslavia?

Tomislav Krsmanovic (1936) is a Serbian human rights activist and libertarian.Joined the ISIL-International Society for Individual Liberty in 1992, in Poprad, Slovakia. Published in the Balkan languages ​​the famous book by Professor Ken Schoolland, The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible, which…