Liberty International members are always hard at work supporting liberty activists around the world.  This week Dr. Kyle Varner and Matthew Bowler joined with the Mises-Mambi Institute to sponsor Luis Fernando Ojeda, a very prolific liberty activist in Venezuela to attend an important liberty-oriented conference in Chile.

Dr. Varner, Liberty International Board Member remarked,

“Freedom and capitalism are under assault throughout Latin America, but the spirit and dedication that Venezuelan liberty activists demonstrate in the face of some of the most brutal statist oppression is a strong inspiration.  I’m proud to support freedom and free markets in Venezuela!”

Luis Fernando Ojeda is a heavy hitter in Venezuela’s liberty movement. He’s the Aragua state coordinator for the opposition party Vente Venezuela and the mastermind behind Infolitics, which is one of the most popular libertarian publications in the Spanish speaking world.

Foundation for Progress Chile invited Luis to their upcoming conference in Valparaiso on August 2. Dr. Varner and Mr. Bowler are pleased to have been able to make his attendance possible, and both look forward to more support for the Venezuelan Liberty movement in the future.