By Jaimine Bezboznik

I got to know about libertarianism on facebook (aka¬†fascistbook). Yes, that’s the power of social media. I was introduced to this ideology in 2010. I followed blogs on¬†Mises inst. and Ron Paul’s speeches since then. I was a marxist, when I was learning about libertarianism through autodidactic mode. Fortunately, I kept my “mind open and mouth closed” while reading the literature. I also came across your work “The adventures of Jonathan Gullible” which won my heart.
The philosophy of taxation actually garnered my attention. It was critical. I disagreed it initially because I wasn’t aware of any post-taxation literature. Regular discussions on facebook and twitter with libertarian folks like Barun Mitra and others¬†helped me to conclude that “it is a theft”. As of now, it’s just me who is openly and vocally promoting #TaxationIsTheft in India. I did few podcasts too, specially with western libertarians. India is very far from reaching the outskirts of liberty, in my view. Vocationally, I am a faculty based in Mumbai. I teach my students to think like a libertarian because they are “socialists by default”. I have paid price for it, in my profession, because¬†I never allowed my class to touch the books of Keynes. I haven’t lost hope yet.
My objective in life is to not just see people living freely but also acting freely. I love to counter-indoctrinate people and emancipate them. I have been applying to work with libertarian org. so that I can do things in a better way. On facebook, my video reached 30,600 views, and, on youtube, it is at 4700 views. Didn’t expect this much, when the idea isn’t so popular as marxism. Check my social experiment on the same:
Most of the views on video¬†were critical and cynical because it’s a world ruled by ultracrepidarians. Never mind. There were some views who supported the message¬†and also altered their own¬†consciousness. I wrote a blog immediately after publishing my video to help my viewers understand the solution part¬†