December 13, 2016

Is climate change really that scary?

According to SkepticalScience, “rising sea levels are widely considered to be the greatest threat posed by climate change.”   For the purposes of this argument, we will ignore any kind of disagreement within the scientific community about other causes, or the…
October 28, 2015

Climate Change Panel

Is the climate changing?  Is it man made?  And what should we do about it?  These where the topics addressed at the 2015 World Conference on Market Liberalization in Bali hosted by the International Society for Individual Liberty. The panel…
September 15, 2015

The Indonesian Potato Problem

Rainer Heufers gave a talk about forest ownership and management in Indonesia at the World Conference on Market Liberalization in Bali, Indonesia, 2015.  Rainer Heufers works with the Center for Indonesian Policy Studies and is a senior fellow at the Atlas…
September 1, 2014

Saving the Amazon From Socialism

As reported by the BBC last week, Brazilian authorities have dismantled a criminal organization believed to be the “biggest destroyer” of the Amazon rainforest. The gang stands accused of invading, logging and burning large areas of public land to put…