Since the first edition in 1982, the Liberty International World Conference (LIWC) has been the cynosure of libertarian attractions, and the centre stage for global conversations on how liberty in impacting the world positively. From a century where the ideas of liberty faced its greatest ideological opposition to relatively free world we live in today, the LIWC has remained committed to its cause, contributing steadily to freedom's advancement by fostering intercontinental dialogue on ways to advance freedom globally.

Libertarianism is international, transnational and cosmopolite. The glorious idea of liberty is universal, and [is] not dependent on culture, time or place.

Murray Rothbard

Keynote Address at the First Liberty International World Conference, Zurich, Switzerland, 1982.


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The President of the Community of Madrid received an honorary award at last year’s conference for her dedication to freedom in economic policy in the bid to boost the Madrid economy. Watch the highlight on TNews.

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