How to Share the Libertarian Message with Just About Anyone

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Sessions led by a team of libertarian authors, activists, researchers, and teachers who have first-hand knowledge of how liberty works in the real world.

Political Enlightenment

Learn how to effectively communicate the benefits of liberty to just about anyone (e.g., Christians, Muslims, environmentalists, pragmatists, students, liberals, progressives).


If you can’t afford all or part of the modest tuition for this course, don’t despair! Our generous donors have supplied scholarships for passionate attendees. See if you qualify!

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Feb 15 – April 5, 2023

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On August 16 – 19, 2023 Liberty International will host the 37th edition of the annual LIWC in Madrid, Spain. This year’s main theme is “Prosperity and Longevity Through Liberty“. This year’s conference will reunite 200+ attendees and 10+ pro-liberty organizations from all around the world in the heart of Madrid at Ateneo de Madrid.



Mary Ruwart

Short Answers to the Tough Questions

James Taylor

Climate Change: A Serious Threat? Are There Libertarian ‘Solutions’?

Per Bylund

Responses to Common Objections to Open Migration

Ken Schoolland

How to Share the Message by Telling Stories

Walter Block

Libertarian Controversies: abortion and voluntary slavery

Michael Severance

Can Christians and Libertarians Agree on the ‘Same’ Basis of Liberty?

James Lark

How to Share the Libertarian Message with Students

David Beito

The Unknown History of Mutual Aid for Social Welfare Among the Poor

Dean Ahmad

Liberty as an Islamic Value



Pretty much everything, the whole training was enlightening and now I will be able to communicate libertarian ideas more or very to people unlike us Libertarians because now I am well versed with the practicality of libertarian ideas. So to me as a young libertarian, I feel all the modules were and are equally important to the advancement of liberty ideas

Emmanuel AcquahGhana

The speakers were effective at communicating. They supported their arguments with data and examples. I also like the fact that one could view the course after the live presentation. This afforded me the opportunity to attend other equally important engagements without a miss of any of the important topics. The books have also been helpful

John NyanguluMalawi

I am so eternally grateful for the sponsorship that was available for me to have been awarded a scholarship to attend the Libertarian Solutions. It's very amazing to have learnt so much from great scholars across the world, the impact of the sessions will help find a blossoming path that will enrich my community and nation.

Kingsley RowlandNigeria

I am indeed grateful for the opportunity to participate in this very insightful Libertarian Solutions course. This course has helped to sharpen my perspective about liberty, rights and history. The course on immigration was particularly eye opening, seeing the merits and demerits of globalization.

Grace OchigboNigeria

I'm extremely overwhelmed and grateful to the sponsor who donated toward my scholarship. With an honest and humble heart I say "Thank You so kindly". It was truly an amazing experience.

Robertson FreemanLiberia

Education and learning have continuously revamped my opinions, and so I desire to commit myself to learning more about libertarian principles. I’m currently a Regional Coordinator for both Afghanistan and Pakistan at South Asia Students For Liberty. I believe it’s my duty to understand liberty and the critical facets subsumed under libertarianism for myself and for the coordinators in my region. The scholarship helpdc me learn and become a better leader.

Sumaira WaseemPakistan

About the organizer

Our Mission

Our purpose is to bring liberty to every corner of the world by sharing the philosophy and benefits of freedom, with a particular emphasis on educating newcomers. We spread liberty and foster a global network of freedom champions, empowering them to become change agents in their own countries.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple: we want to make freedom a global matter. All our activities aim to bring the philosophy of liberty closer to everyone worldwide. We believe it doesn’t matter where we start as long as we build relations. This is why most of the people we work with are students and recent graduates. We see the world free of governmental overpower yet full of individual responsibility. We see the world as freer, more open, and more individualized.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Libertarian Solutions?

The Libertarian Solutions online learning course is a project run by Liberty International. Established in 1969, LI is the oldest organization promoting libertarianism worldwide. With presence in 27 countries, LI has successfully promoted libertarian ideas and fostered a global network of freedom champions, empowering them to become change agents in their own countries.

How to prepare for the course?

Everyone who purchases LS 3.0 ticket will get free access to LS 1.0 on the Udemy platform.

What exactly will I learn?

LS 3.0 teaches you how to effectively communicate the libertarian message to just about anybody. You’ll learn how to share the real-world applications of liberty that inspire the harmony and abundance that politicians promise, but never deliver.

What are the requirements for taking your course?

Eagerness to learn new ways of sharing the libertarian message and Internet access.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for liberty lovers who want to learn how to communicate its real-world effectiveness to virtually any demographic.

Are these live or recorded classes?

Classes will be run live. Recordings will be delivered to you after each class.

In which time zone will the live classes happen?

Classes will be taking place at 2 PM ET / 11 AM PST every Wednesday and Saturday between February 15 – April 1, 2023

What if I miss a class? Will classes be recorded?

Yes, you will get lifetime access to the recordings.

Will I get the certificate after completing the course?

Yes, the certificate will be delivered to you soon after completion of the assessment.

I missed a few classes. Can I still be eligible for the certificate?

Certificate will be awarded based on the assessment. You can rewatch the classes later.

Are there any scholarships? How can I apply for one?

Yes, you can apply for the scholarship by filling out the application form