Join us at the Liberty Camp in Italy!

Are you a libertarian/classical liberal/anarchocapitalist/advocate of free-market? Are you interested in freedom for some time already, but miss interaction with other like-minded people? Do you prefer casual, informal meetings to dull conferences? Would you like to spend holidays in sunny Italy, but don’t want to ruin your wallet doing it? If so, then Liberty Camp 2019 is for you! Spend your vacation with freedom for just 200 Euro – join us at Liberty Camp 2019! Liberty Camp is a true free-market tournee around the globe, which year by year attracts libertarians from LITERALLY all around the world – from USA to Middle East to Japan and beyond! On the camp, you will attend liberty-related workshops, lectures and debates, and also, spend a lot of time enjoying stunning landscapes (don’t take your suit – unless it’s a bathing suit 😉 ). This year, Liberty Camp takes place in Italy, in a picturesque village quite close to Pompeii – enter the link ( and see how wonderful the resort looks!  How much does it cost? Not much, for a week-long stay in Italy – the price on the website already includes accommodation and breakfasts! If you’re still hesitating, you can apply to the camp with a special LI discount – just type ‘LI200’ in the ‘discount code’ bracket in the application form, and the final price for the whole package will be only 200 EUR! So, see you in Italy? And by the way, our resort looks beautiful, but it has a limited number of beds 😉 so don’t wait until all are booked – apply right now!   

Join Project Arizona 2020!

Project Arizona is an elite program established in 2017 that consist in a semester-long program for young, outstanding leaders of the global freedom change. Now, it is organized by Liberty International! How it works? In Phoenix, these international talents conduct meaningful internships, academic seminar at ASU, and fruitful networking. They gain a thorough understanding of the ideas of liberty and how to implement them when they return to their communities. Project Arizona consists of 4 major pillars: 1. Internships With Project Arizona, you are guaranteed an internship with leading state policy group, attorney office, media outlet or museum. Our concern is to match your candidacy with your internship provider. Thus you can be assured that your internship will benefit your career and strengthen your position on the market. Internship providers represent broad spectrum of businesses but all of them provide high-quality and meaningful training. Internships are usually part-time and last three months. You can read more about our internship providers HERE 2. Education Education is a very important part of Project Arizona. We want students to better understand the history of the place (United States of America) and learn the mechanisms of free market economy that made it prosperous. There are two major elements of the educational plan that Project Arizona offers: – Weekly participation in three classes of American History and Political Philosophy offered by Arizona State University Center for Political Thought and Leadership (ASU CPTL)– Designed specifically for Project Arizona: 3-day long Seminar on Free Market Economics and practical implementation of the freedom philosophy. The Seminar is co-sponsored by ASU CPTL, Center for Study of Economic Liberty and the Language of Liberty Institute. 3. Networking During Project Arizona we will be participating in many events, meetings and conferences – all of them are a great opportunity for networking. In the past …

Free Market Road Show across China, organized by Li Schoolland

The three-week lecture circuit began with a week of presentations at the Summer Camp of International Economics and Management Scholars 2019 as the guests of Northeastern University in Shenyang, China. This 10thannual summer program was the brainchild of Li Schoolland in 2009 and has grown to accommodate 200 students from 8 countries.  The summer camp was followed by a two-week journey to Beijing, Chengdu, Dali, Lijiang, Guilin, Yongzhou, and Shanghai. Multiple destinations hosted gatherings ranging from 20 to 100 intellectuals and entrepreneurs. Presenting scholars: Per Bylund, USA/Sweden Barun Mitra, India Victor Claar, USA Doug Bandow, USA Dan Mitchell, USA Patrick Mardini, Lebanon Cris Lingle, USA/Guatemala Zhu Haijiu, China Matt Dale, USA Kishore Jayabalan, Italy Ken Schoolland, USA  Friends and supporters: Liberty International Mont Pelerin Society ACTON Institute Students for Liberty CATO Institute Topics presented: –Entrepreneurship and value –Entrepreneurship and regulations –Economic Growth: Exchange, Production, and Entrepreneurship –AI and the Structure of Production –Demographic transition: From surplus to scarcity –Free market environmentalism: Economics of environment –Property rights: From poverty to prosperity –Digital Dystopia: Lessons of the Matrix—Strengthening State & Squeezing Citizens –The problem of planning –The future of work –Who is the economy? –Automation and the future of work and welfare –The problem of planning –Morality of markets –How free trade and globalization benefit all countries –How politics undercuts markets –The eternal lessons of politics –The economics of government spending –Comparative economic analysis –The economics of taxation –The challenges of public works –The roots of modern day prosperity –Lifting people out of poverty –Cryptocurrencies: From Bitcoin to Libra  –How did China become rich –Human actions & markets: Peaceful cooperation & shared prosperity –China and Trump’s trade war: Causes & consequences –Austrian economics vs. Conservativism: Insights into free market economics –Blockchain technology & a “Real” Social Contract  –Economic interpretation of China’s reform …

World Of Freedom #2 : Awards for work for freedom

By Marek Tatała, Vice President, Civil Development Forum (Poland)Translation: Sylwia Szymańska It is important to appreciate outstanding liberty organizations and the people who participate in these important activities. One of the ways to show this appreciation is by means of the prizes awarded by, among others, Atlas Network and America’s Future Foundation, prizes that you can read about in the latest episode of the “World of Freedom” series. At this time, we are going to visit some places including India, Greece, Serbia and the African continent, places from which we will begin reviewing the most interesting actions of liberty organizations that we could hear and read about in May. The Center for African Prosperity, founded by The Atlas Network is good news for the people in African countries. It is a good a new initiative that aims to promote economic freedom, property rights, the rule of law and entrepreneurship. The organization was headed by a respected entrepreneur from Senegal, Magatte Wade. This liberty-oriented center’s purpose is launching processes in African countries that will allow for permanent poverty recovery and raising the life standard of living of the continent’s inhabitants. Moving to Europe, in Athens, the annual Europe Liberty Forum conference took place. It was a chance for both deepening knowledge and exchanging experiences, above all in the field of work of the liberty-oriented NGOs. During the Forum, we could hear some inspiring performances and learn about tools that are used by organizations from Europe and other parts of the world. I myself had the pleasure to participate in a discussion about the threats to liberalism in Europe. I described the attacks on the rule of law in Poland carried out by the ruling party and the means which we use to defend ourselves against these attacks. Moreover, the heads of …

Killing Indonesia’s future with kindness

Let low-income communities like the ones in Koja have the freedom to build their own schools, and let poor parents decide what education they want for their children. Then step back and watch children flourish.

Hotel school aims to help build economy in war-plagued region

Building a hospitality school in an urban environment is one thing, but establishing a presence in an area plagued by a 70-year civil war is another. Developing and encouraging tourism in the Karen State of Burma (now Myanmar) has been a challenge for those hoping to revive the region—and financing options are hard to come by…

Kenli Schoolland – How digital marketing is fuelling a revolution in education

“Think about what you wanted at 18 (years old),” said Kenli Schoolland during a presentation at the Foolish Things Salon on Oahu, Hawaii. “Would you take a $200,000 bet that that’s what you wanted to do ten years later? . . . Or for the rest of your life?” asked Kenli. Kenli said that education around the world has changed as government has subsidized higher education. “With these federal loans, people started to take gambles. They started to bet on what they wanted to do for the rest of their lives, with no money down.” Kenli showed that education today is changing — getting worse in the government, but getting much better outside the government. Inside the government system, Kenli said, debt is rising for college graduates. “The average debt is $35,000, though there are many that graduate with much more given that a college degree for four years can be upwards of $200,000.” What are people getting for that money? Many graduates today, said Kenli, are realizing that their degree isn’t worth what they paid for it, as job recruiters seek better qualified candidates with real world skills. However, Kenli said education outside the government sector is improving tremendously, where costs are falling and quality is rising. Online schools are one example where students can go take high quality courses for bargain prices. But another type of education is arising outside of the “school” model, in the form of digital marketing, said Kenli. “I’m sure maybe you’ve all seen an ad that says, ‘Earn $15,000 in passive income from your home!’ . . . so that’s a cheesy glimpse of it, but it’s actually part of a formula,” said Kenli. “People are being taught to market themselves . . . it’s actually creating a huge educational service, and it’s bringing …

Language of Liberty Institute

Glenn Cripe gave a presentation at the 2016 Bali World Conference on Market Liberalization, hosted by the International Society for Individual Liberty.  In the presentation, Glen described the work of the Language of Liberty Institute, co-founded by Andy Eyschen. “We’ve had more than 50 programs in 24 countries,” said Glenn, “In August, we will go to country number 25, which will be Kenya.” The camps cover job creation, entrepreneurship, and liberty, and how the principles of a free society promote a robust economy.

Raising Libertarian Children in the 21st Century

Frances Kendall is the author of Let the People Govern and Super Parents, Super Children; among many other books.  Her books have been translated into several languages and went on to sell hundreds of thousands of copies.  She author formed a publishing company named Amagi.  Her book The Solution sold 70,000 copies in South Africa before it too went into translation. The worldwide libertarian network helped. “They were excited to see a book standing for everything they believed in doing so well.” Time magazine and The Economist wrote about it. It was translated into Afrikaans. Then Louw and Kendall were nominated by the Norwegians for the Nobel Peace Prize. Frances gave a talk at the 2015 Bali World Conference hosted by the International Society for Individual Liberty on parenting for the liberty minded parent.

How to Connect and Sell Liberty

“This is not about substance, this is about style,” said Judd Weiss at the International Society for Individual Liberty World Conference on Market Liberalization in Bali. “Let’s say you’ve got a car you want to sell,” said Judd.  “Imagine how it would impact the sale if at the same time, if you tried to explicitly convince your buyer that he’s an idiot.  Because that’s what we do.  That is the sales method of the liberty movement at the moment.” According to Judd Weiss, the liberty movement could learn a lesson from companies that separate their engineers from their marketeers. “We’re basically the engineers dominating the sales department.” Judd continued, “An engineer’s focus is on the product.  He eats breathes and sleeps that product.  He should not be able to sleep at night if the numbers don’t add up.  That’s a good engineer.” “But that high level nit-picky detail that engineers go into has nothing to do with introducing people to these ideas.  It has nothing to do with basic sales.” Judd continued to explain that salesmen focus on people.  “It’s a very different skill set — almost completely unrelated.” Judd Weiss then talked about the process of marketing from different approaches, but he said ultimately every salesperson has the same job, “Make it as simple as physically possible.” Watch the rest of Judd Weiss’ amazing lecture here: