Our 2021 World Conference in Medellin

World Conferences
outside of the United States
to be held soon in Medellin, Colombia
Liberty International World Conference – August 12 to 16 in Medellin

Liberty International invites you to its 35th World Conference in Medellin, Colombia, from August 12-16, 2021. Our World Conferences are “family affairs” where the world’s most innovative libertarian minds connect and create lifelong friendships. This event will inspire entrepreneurial endeavors as a foundation for freedom and economic prosperity for years to come. Please join us in creating a beacon of liberty that gives hope to the oppressed, opportunity to the impoverished, and freedom to those longing to be free.

FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TICKETS:  https://liwccolombia.com/


We want to create new global freedom leaders

Liberty International has organized 33 world conferences since 1982, and all but three have been hosted outside the United States.

These have helped inspire the creation and growth of regional networks, plus local organizations and outreach publishing projects in dozens of countries around the world.



The first world conference of Libertarian International drew 70 participants from Europe, North America, Guatemala, and South Africa.

It was found that the Europeans had connections with liberty organizations in the US, but did not know about each other!

Hubert Jongen of the Dutch Libertarian Center felt that Europe should not wait two years for another conference, and proceeded to organize a big conference in Brussels the following year with 150 attendees.

Almost every year since, we’ve held our conference in a new and interesting part of the world.

This enables our members to connect with local libertarians in other parts of the world and get to see what’s happening there with their own eyes.

The connections that have been formed from these conferences are invaluable. Many have found translators and publishers for their works in new countries, while others have found partners for projects to promote liberty.