In 2016, Liberty International conceptualized Project Arizona – annual 5-week program brings 10 young international potential opinion leaders to Phoenix to improve their knowledge and skills so they can return home and reshape their own culture to increase freedom. By meeting, studying, and working with local freedom champions, they will deepen their understanding of American history, culture, and values, and effective ways of communicating these ideas to the world.

After 6 successful editions, we have nurtured 40 strong liberty champions in 17 countries. We measure its success by monitoring the development of our alumni who carry the torch of liberty to their countries and contribute to making the world a better place. Jorge Andres Galicia Rodriguez, Alumni, Class of 2019, was hired by The Fund for American Studies to highlight the atrocities in Venezuela. Since 2019, Jorge has visited more than 25 university campuses in the United States to share his experience from Venezuela.


Student exchange programme

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Project Arizona‘s mission is to provide young international leaders a life-changing experience that empowers them to become effective advocates for freedom.

““Project Arizona is a unique experience; it is a program that any freedom loving activist should want to do at least once in a lifetime. Arizona is a really wonderful place where individual liberty reigns all across the state, so it has a lot to teach to liberty minded activists that want to see freedom reigning in their homelands as well. Project Arizona perfectly catches all those lessons provided by the State of the Grand Canyon and condenses them in a magical semester full of adventures, education and challenges. These experiences will make you into the leader that freedom needs to win the battle of ideas.””

Jorge GaliciaVenezuela, Class of 2019


At Project Arizona, our primary aim is to provide a robust education to aspiring young leaders. Through our seminar, participants delve into a deeper understanding of key aspects: U.S. history and the intricate workings of free-market processes.

Our program spans four weeks and encompasses multiple weekly courses, supplemented by a variety of additional classes. By the end of the seminar, participants gain valuable insights into how these elements have contributed to the remarkable prosperity we see today.


We want our interns to learn and teach their communities to develop civil solutions to problems, and to avoid asking or expecting government to “help”. In Arizona, they will work with private, liberty-oriented groups such as Americans for Prosperity and Generation Opportunity.


Our participants expand their freedom network with meetings, conferences, and other activities organized by community leaders and champions of liberty, both in Arizona and international. They also learn something about fund-raising by meeting some of our own PA donors.

In the past our participants met with local community leaders and champions of liberty such as David Friedman, Jeffrey Tucker, Lawrence Reed, Arthur Brooks, Governor Doug Ducey, Ron Paul and others.

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