Dr. Mary J. Ruwart starred on the Johnny Rocket Launch Pad Show, a nationally syndicated libertarian radio show and podcast.
Mary talked about the Food and Drug Administration , and the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP), government regulation and libertarian communication.
“Libertarians are all about the market. The market of ideas, and testing them in the market, and the ones that fail, fail. And the ones that succeed do wonderful things, and I think that’s how our movement is going to be,” said Dr. Mary Ruwart.
On politics, Dr. Ruwart said, “We aren’t so good at electing people, because the system’s rigged against us.” Mary said that there are alternatives to advancing liberty besides using politics.
“I’ve watched time and time again as people try to get enthused about winning, and actually think they’re going to win, but the system is rigged against us. And so, we need these other ways.”
When asked about┬ácelebrity politicians like John McAfee, Gary Johnson, and Austen Petersen, Dr. Ruwart said, “Our candidate will probably get about the same amount of publicity no matter who we have . . . I think there’s really a media prejudice against the libertarian philosophy.”
Mary said that instead, libertarians should focus on their message, “Our message hasn’t been very consistent the last couple presidential elections.” Mary said that she has met many candidates who do not understand the non-aggression principle, “and that’s scary.”
Dr. Ruwart also talked about healthcare, “Healthcare is so expensive because of government regulations. It’s easiest to see in the pharmaceutical industry because it’s regulated nationally.” Dr. Ruwart is currently writing a book called “Death by Regulation: How We Were Robbed of Our Golden Age of Health, and How We Can Reclaim it”.
In the book, Dr. Ruwart writes about the FDA’s rise to power in 1962, and how it reshaped the pharmaceutical industry, the nutrition industry, and the medical industry. “It’s increased the price of drugs about five times what they should be,” said Dr. Ruwart.
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