“In the 1960s, just before these regulations were passed, we were on the verge of a golden age of health,” said Dr. Mary Ruwart, at the 2015 World Conference on Market Liberalization in Bali about the topic, “How to Fight Back Against Hidden Regulations That Threaten Your Health”.
“In 1962, this golden age of health was thwarted,” said Dr. Mary Ruwart. She explained that this was because of the Kefauver-Harris Amendments that were passed because of the thalidomide tragedy.
Mary explained that these new regulations gave the FDA unprecedented power over the drug industry. Half of the drug companies were put out of business because of the regulatory burden.
“The FDA came in and said, ‘We don’t like the way you’re doing manufacturing,’ and they didn’t really give them quite enough time to make the adjustment,” said Dr. Ruwart.
Dr. Ruwart explained that as regulations increased over the decades, the amount of time to take a drug from the lab to market also increased.
“If you have a terminal disease, you’re going to die waiting for this extra ten years that’s been added on,” said Dr. Ruwart.
Costs also rose dramatically, drug delays continued, and 4.7 million people lost their lives due to drug development delays, said Dr Ruwart.
However, there is a way to fight back, said Dr. Ruwart, and it involves staying healthy, eating right, and other measures.
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