Join with Liberty International friends from around the world

And enjoy one of Europe’s most beautiful cities


LI World Liberty Summit

Grand Ascot Hotel

Krakow, Poland

August 12-16, 2018


For information and registration:

The 2018 Liberty International World Conference will be held in beautiful Krakow, Poland. The city survived World War II intact, and is full of magnificent old buildings, art, music, and fine food. Everybody we know who has been to Krakow raves about it.
Poland had a rising libertarian movement even before the fall of the Wall. Murray Rothbard lectured there in 1986, and a number of works including Rand, Friedman, Hayek, and Mises were translated at the time, and many more since. Several active organizations arose after the fall of communism.
The lead host for the Krakow conference is Jacek Spendel, head of the Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation (FEF) , and assisted by FEF VP Marcin Chmielowski,   FEF runs numerous seminars around Poland and worked with Glenn Cripe of Language of Liberty Institute on two Liberty Camps in Poland this year. Jacek also organizes Project Arizona, which brings select Polish students to Phoenix, Arizona for free-market economics studies and internships with local libertarian organizations and businesses, and to learn about life in America. FEF produced a documentary on the forgotten free-market Krakow School of Economics of the late 19th – early 20th centuries, and is now in the early stages of producing a full-length documentary movie on the life of Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises.
Jan Kuban, software entrepreneur and the new president of the Polish-American Foundation for Economic Research and Education (PAFERE) is co-host of the Krakow conference. PAFERE also runs seminars, assists with the Liberty Camps, and is very active in both translating liberty classics and in current publishing aimed primarily at the introductory level. (Jan was a speaker at the 2017 LI conference in Puerto Rico).
The conference site is the Grand Ascot Hotel in central Krakow, near many of the top sites. It is a new, 4-star venue. Rooms are a modest $75 per person/per night shared, or $137/night single. There are lots of lodging options nearby.
The organizers are pricing the conference program and meal package for the Polish/Central European market, so the package cost is a low $250. The package includes opening reception dinner on the evening of Sunday, August 12th, 3 lunches, and the gala closing banquet (including open bar) on the night of Wednesday, August 15th. (Breakfasts come with the room). Checkout is the 16th. Partial packages for locals will also be available.
We expect to have post-conference excursions – still being planned. With so much to see, we suggest allowing three extra days for your travel plans.
The Poles are assembling the conference website and will handle registrations. Stay tuned for conference updates via LI News.
Help Create New Libertarian Leaders!
Liberty International World Conferences have been highly successful in creating new libertarian leaders from among the hundreds of scholarship students and young activists whom LI donors have enabled to attend the conferences. The inspiration of meeting and creating networks with top speakers and participants from around the world has led to many of the recipients going on to form or expand libertarian think-tanks, publishing projects, organize Liberty Camps, become teachers and journalists, start businesses with a libertarian flavor, or run for public office.
With the Krakow location, this conference is a golden opportunity to bring in lots of students from Poland and the surrounding region of ex-Soviet bloc countries. In fact, Jacek and Glenn Cripe of the Language of Liberty Institute are planning a Liberty Camp near Krakow just before the LI conference, so many of those students will come to the LI conference.
Scholarship students will be required to pay their own travel, and a modest conference fee, but they will need assistance from Liberty International donors for accommodation and the balance of the conference fee.
Total cost per student will be about $500. Our goal is 40 students. So we hope to raise $20,000 for the Conference Scholarship Fund. To help with conference planning, please make your most generous contribution to the LI Conference Scholarship Fund as soon as possible.
For Americans, scholarship donations are tax-deductible in the USA. Contributions made here in December will help you save on your 2017 taxes!
Conference Scholarship Fund contributions may be made on-line at . Or call us, or send it to the LI office address below.
This will be an exciting, inspiring LI World Conference! We hope you can make it!
And please share the word!
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