Liberty International couldn’t miss the opportunity to participate in the first-ever European edition of the renowned LevelUp conference (formerly known as TOS-Con), organized by the Objective Standard Institute. Held in Prague from March 22nd to 24th, the conference featured engaging panels led by respected figures in the freedom movement, including Andrew Doyle, Stephen Davies, Angelica and Thomas Walker-Werth, Agnieszka Płonka, and Kiyah Willis.

Liberty International was well-represented by Sebastian Węglarz and Agnieszka Płonka. Sebastian managed our vibrant conference booth, where we showcased our merchandise and encouraged attendees to apply for our programs. Agnieszka took to the stage herself, delivering a thought-provoking presentation titled “Invisible Chains: Psychological Control in Dictatorships.”

The conference provided an excellent platform for Liberty International to promote its values, expand its network, and initiate collaborations with like-minded organizations. As the conference’s slogan, “Excel in life, fight for liberty,” suggests, these are the very principles that guide our work.

Kiyah Willis, one of the conference speakers, continued her European tour after LevelUp, traveling to Krakow, Poland, where she delivered a speech at the University of Economics. This event, co-hosted by Students For Liberty Poland, the Objective Standard Institute, and the Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation, attracted a diverse audience who engaged in stimulating discussions late into the night.