March is Women’s History Month, and Liberty International Board Chair, Dr. Mary Ruwart took her message of ethical liberty to Oklahoma City! 

From March 1st to 3rd, Dr. Ruwart headlined the OKLP’s state convention in OKC, themed “Breaking Chains and Building Freedom.” She unpacked the power of libertarian ethics to tackle global issues that plague the world today and delved into the proactive solutions to the regulatory capture of the FDA.

It is safe to say it was a weekend Oklahoma libertarians won’t forget soon.

Mary Ruwart P.hD., at Oklahoma Libertarian Party State Convention

On March 3rd, Dr. Ruwart also graced the Ladies of Liberty Alliance Oklahoma stage as a guest speaker at its special Women’s Brunch. This gathering brought together a vibrant community of female libertarian leaders and advocates across Oklahoma City. At this event, Dr. Ruwart shared unique perspectives on the power of ethical liberty to help female liberty leaders love their neighbors and heal their world. 

Mary Ruwart, Ph.D, at Ladies of Liberty Alliance Oklahoma’s Women Brunch

This Women’s History Month, Dr. Ruwart’s Oklahoma City visit serves as a powerful reminder of her commitment to societal ethics and the practical application of libertarian principles.