Our outstanding Albanian Rep, Mrs. Kozeta Cuadari-Cika, needs our help! She is undergoing chemotherapy for lymphoma in a Greek hospital, referred there because of the lack of suitable cancer treatment in Albania. The treatments are very expensive, costing over 3000 Euros each time. Her family does not have that kind of money.
Kozeta became involved with Liberty International in 1999, while she was working for the free-market Albanian Center for Economic Research. She attended the LI World Conference in Dax, France in 2001, and has attended all of our subsequent European conferences until this year. Her illness forced her to cancel her participation in the Krakow conference.
In 2014, Kozeta organized a fine LI World Conference in Tirana, Albania.
She is a professional English teacher and translator, and has used her talent to translate and publish several libertarian books, many of which have been given to university students and at Liberty Camps. She has produced two Albanian editions of LI president Ken Schoolland’s The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible, plus Ayn Rand’s Anthem (see photo), Beyond Democracy by Frank Karsten, The Logic of Classical Liberalism by Jacques de Guenin, and The Free Market and Its Enemies by Ludwig von Mises.
At the 2013 LI World Conference in Lausanne, Switzerland, Kozeta was given Liberty International’s Bruce Evoy Memorial Award for her outstanding work for liberty despite the difficult circumstances in Albania.
In another example of her benevolent spirit, despite being of modest means, her family took in refugees during the 1990s Albanian civil war.
Kozeta is a delightful lady, devoted wife and mother, and a dedicated libertarian. Please give her your most generous assistance.
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