by Egide Nduwayo

The Institute for Economics and Enterprises in Burundi received wonderful books from Mr. Glenn D. Boyer and Professor Ken Schoolland. The copies of the Jonathan Gullible book we recently received tell the story of a young man interacting with an imaginary society. Although fictional, the book helps us understand real society, like here in Burundi, where state interventionism impacts the real lives of the population economically and socially. We are delighted with these books.

Burundian society can learn much from this book. More than 65% of the planned revenues are taxes on products in Burundi (1). It will help us to understand that taxation is much like theft. Taxes destroy private property rights and eliminate good economic incentives. Such force seems unnatural after studying the book: “Naturally, the use of force to take life is murder, to take freedom is slavery, and to take property is theft. It is the same if these actions are committed by one person acting alone, by many acting against a few, or even by officials with fine headgear or titles.”

These copies, obtained through the generosity of Mr. Glenn D. Boyer and the author Prof. Ken Schoolland, touch on all aspects of the libertarian vision: non-aggression, free trade, property rights, the rule of law, free movement of people, free markets, the importance of entrepreneurship and the threats to these concepts.

The book clarifies how state interventionism makes a few policymakers and their cronies rich at great expense to society.  The harmful policies like high punitive taxes to non-favored people, controlling licenses for economic activity, taxpayer funded grants, and services given to favored supporters help keep those few in power. These policies provide the ability to control and manipulate people to maintain power despite the high costs.

The Institute for Economics and Enterprises is deeply grateful to those who help us build a free and more prosperous African society. Thank you, Mr. Glenn D. Boyer, for your gratitude and willingness to fight for a free society.  We owe you much appreciation for the books and support. 
We cannot overlook the author, Professor Ken Schoolland. Thank you.

To reduce poverty, we intend to use these gifts to improve economic outcomes using free markets, the rule of law, and private property rights by spreading this knowledge. We plan to organize discussion sessions on the book. We will be writing articles and publishing them on our website about our efforts.

Lack of materials remains a challenge for the Institute. That is why we are appealing to potential partners to join our mission to continue the struggle for a free and prosperous society. The Institute remains open to all collaborations and partnerships. We appreciate any contribution of any nature that could help it in the realization of our mission.

We at the Institute for Economics and Enterprises dream of an Africa where every individual is free and prosperous. And, we take action toward that dream by  “producing, through purposeful learning, a society based on free-market principles, private property, and the rule of law.”

Egide Nduwayo

The Institute for Economics and Enterprises, Burundi

Egide NDUWAYO [email protected] According to law No 1/13 of May 15, 2020, the in General Budget of the Republic of Burundi for the Fiscal Year 2020-2021.

(1) According to law No 1/13 of May 15, 2020, the in General Budget of the Republic of Burundi for the Fiscal Year 2020-2021.