On February 29th, Sana Ullah, a local coordinator for the Khyber Chapter of Students for Liberty-South Asia, brought the Adventures of Jonathan Gullible to life with a captivating reading group. Together with high schoolers from the Government High School in Tajori, the reading session sparked lively discussions as students brainstormed ways to apply lessons from the first seven chapters of the book to their own lives.

“The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible” has been translated into over 50 languages and was recently adapted into an animation series. This masterpiece by Professor Ken Schoolland, an esteemed board member of Liberty International, continues to inspire readers of all ages across the globe.

Sana Ullah with High Schoolers from the Government High School in Tajori, Pakistan.

Matus Posvanc, a young liberty champion was so deeply inspired by Schoolland’s work that he directed and toured a captivating theatrical performance of “The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible” in Slovak schools.

The classroom was filled with students who were inspired by Jonathan Gullible’s journey. By experiencing the story firsthand, these students could connect with the ideas on a deeper level, sparking discussions and igniting a thirst for knowledge.

Matus Posvanc on an ‘Adventures of Jonathan Gullible’ tour  in a Slovakian School.

‘Adventures of Jonathan Gullible’  Theatrical performance in  a Slovakian School.

We are eager to see where Jonathan Gullible’s adventures take him next, both on the page and on the stage!