Liberty International successfully organized the first edition of Socratic Reading Circles on “The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible: A Free Market Odyssey” by Prof. Ken Schoolland. Translated into over 55 languages and 80+ published editions, the book has won numerous awards and has been endorsed by Steve Forbes, Walter Williams, John Stossel, Mark Skousen, and Austrian-School economists and educators throughout the world.

Liberty International invited youth across the world to be a part of the community of leaders to advocate for individual liberty and economic freedom. We selected some of the greatest minds from 8 countries (India, Bangladesh, Burundi, Nigeria, Guatemala, Albania, Nepal, and Sri Lanka). After eight fruitful meetings, we had the privilege to engage with Professor Ken Schoolland in the final session, as he provided us with additional insights and enlightenment.

The graduated participants will strive hard and collaborate with Liberty International on future projects that will make them leaders of economic and individual freedom in their respective countries.

This book has been an amazing journey towards understanding how much we don’t pay attention to issues that take away our freedom while we deny seeing reality“. – Bjorna Hoxhallari, Albania.