Liberty International is currently working on the creation of a cartoon adaptation of Ken Scholland’s book The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible: A Free Market Odyssey which has been translated to more than 50 languages and has more than 90 published editions around the globe.

The cartoon series is centred around Jonathan, an 18 year-old boy who yearns for adventure and excitement. One fine day, during his usual sailing excursions, a storm catches him by surprise and leaves him stranded on a strange island where he’ll find much more excitement than he bargained for…

As part of this process, we have developed a feedback survey form to help us evaluate every stage (pre-production, production and pòst-production) of the creation of an episode of the cartoon series. We will explain what each stage entails.

In order to have a more objective perspective about the quality of our work, we would like you to help us! Answer the questions to the best of your ability and give us their honest assessment of the cartoon that would allow us to make improvements and provide us with an honest reaction to the material before it is officially released.

The process will give you premium access to content before it even goes live and give you the best cartoon production experience. Furthermore, all those who are selected to participate in the survey will be eligible to receive a merchandising pack that includes a variety of Jonathan Gullible related items!

In order to apply and secure a spot, please submit your application by 31th October 2023