Liberty International‘s Project Arizona 2023 marked its eighth edition as a transformative six-week program conducted from October 21st to November 25th in Phoenix, Arizona.

Project Arizona empowered seven emerging leaders from six countries. The students come from diverse global backgrounds facing economic and political challenges. The program provided tangible freedom experiences to the students fostering economic prospects, legal and social entrepreneurial skills. Rooted in inclusivity and spirit of equality,  empowered participants to advocate freedom in their countries.

Apart from academic pursuits, the students also had the opportunity to network with local liberty advocates and organizations.

Irakli Iagorashvili from the 2023 batch emphasized the transformative impact of Project Arizona. He observed American ideals in action, inspiring him to contribute positively. Iagorashvili plans to establish an online School of American Studies in Georgia, leveraging insights gained from the program.

Jolanta Gul from Poland reflects, “Incredible classes with fascinating individuals worldwide sharing their knowledge and experiences. Project Arizona isn’t just about visiting places; it’s about discovering oneself.”

Project Arizona 2023 was transformative, focusing on constitutional law and liberal economics. Engaging with professionals and a diverse cohort broadened knowledge and global connections. Grateful for the enriching experience, I look forward to contributing to the advancement of liberal values, inspired by Argentina's historic election of its first liberal president, Javier Milei.

Maria Lobo MurgaWorld Economic Forum, Argentina

Navigating through the Journey of the Project Arizona 2023

In Project Arizona 2023, seven students from diverse global backgrounds and interests from the law, economics, journalism, and activism, to art and culture commenced a transformative learning journey. Participating students enriched their learning through robust academic classes, cultural immersion volunteering, visiting organizations and networking.


Sylwia Martynowicz led Experimental Economics, exploring the tragedy of the commons. Arizona State University on Tamales covered laws affecting small businesses, and Robert Anthony Peters discussed jury nullification in the United States.

Embarking on the academic odyssey at the Arizona Supreme Court, Justice Clint Bollick unveiled the intricacies of the U.S. Constitution. Tom Jenny delved into comparative ideology, Matthijs Tieleman explored American Political Thought, and Kevin Flanagan imparted a masterclass in public speaking. Glenn’s profound sessions on ‘Wealth Disparities’ and ‘Entrepreneurial Freedom,’ crystallized a transformative experience, enhancing the students comprehension of the American spirit and the art of persuasive communication.

Alexey Gorbachev’s Civic Journalism Classes explored AI’s role in journalism, addressing ethical concerns and opportunities. Insightful talks on combating online misinformation and discussions featured journalists Milana Mazaeva and Anne Guerrant.

Prof. Robert Edward Gordon presented ‘Freedom in Art & Culture,’ showcasing how artists have promoted American values. Timothy Sandefur’s Objectivism Seminar delved into Ayn Rand’s philosophy. The Dialogue Club at Arizona State University explored mental health challenges in America. A captivating class with Alan Korwin unfolded, featuring analyses of coins, crucial gun safety rules, and engaging discussions on his notable projects.

Organizations visits and Networking

Beyond academia, the students had an opportunity to network with local liberty advocates and organizations. Project Arizona 2023 not only imparted knowledge but also fostered a global community passionate about liberty and positive change.

Engaging activities, such as Arizona Talks discussions and participation in’s podcast, provided platforms for students to articulate their global experiences and champion principles of liberty. Networking sessions with influential figures like Marc Victor and Prof. Ross Emmett offered profound insights into liberty movements and entrepreneurial environments. 

Visits to Goldwater Institute and discussions with Timothy and Christina Sandefur highlighted legal victories, emphasizing challenges related to the FDA and individual rights to access unapproved medicine.

Practical exposure, including the Republican Party Presidential Debate at Americans for Prosperity and a meeting with House of Representative Rep. Alexander Kolodin, enhanced students’ academic grasp of U.S. politics, culminating in a firsthand tour of the Arizona Capitol.

Jeffrey A. Singer’s (A senior fellow at the Cato Institute) perspective on the healthcare system underscored the need for a free-market approach. Additional engagement with Project Arizona alumna Estefania on  issues of migration, the Hispanic Rotary Club of Phoenix, and prominent figures like Charles Goyette and Darcy Olsen works on abandoned children enriched the students’ experiences and deepened their understanding of various issues.

Cultural Immersion and Volunteering

The culmination of the project’s vibrant experiences was a Halloween Party hosted at Todd Hansen’s residence in Tempe, blending festive fun with the spirit of collaboration. Further team’s voluntary participation in the Dia De Los Muertos concert, an exploration into the intricate tapestry of Mexican Culture.

The Project Arizona Fundraising Reception celebrated a resounding success, drawing over 30 liberty advocates. Students welcomed guests with diverse culinary delights, and seven from the class of 2023 shared their experiences in the freedom movement.

The evening dedicated itself to advancing Project Arizona, spotlighting the profound impact on students from challenging nations who emerged as steadfast champions of freedom, openness, and entrepreneurship.

Preceding the festivities, the class exemplified philanthropy by volunteering at Phoenix Rescue Mission, dedicated to breaking cycles of homelessness for men, women, and children.

The Project Arizona team embraced a cultural exchange, celebrating Thanksgiving with the Pastor Gilbert’s family and Jeff Johnson’s family, offering students a firsthand immersion into American traditions and fostering a deeper understanding of diversity.

Graduation of Project Arizona Class 2023!

At the graduation ceremony, the students also had the opportunity to reflect on their learnings and achievements and to present their final projects, which were based on their personal and professional goals and plans.

The students received their certificates of completion and celebrated their graduation with a party and a cake.

Thank You!

Project Arizona 2023 was an extraordinary and unforgettable experience for students, faculty, and organizers alike. The program equipped students with knowledge, ideas, and a network to advance their careers while championing freedom, openness, and entrepreneurship in their respective countries. Participants were immersed in Arizona’s diverse and vibrant culture, gaining insights into the U.S. liberty movement. The program facilitated meaningful friendships and collaborations among students and liberty advocates, leaving a lasting impact on their lives.

Liberty International extends its heartfelt thanks to all contributors, supporters, and partners who made Project Arizona 2023 possible. The program’s success hinged on their generous donations, sponsorships, and assistance. Liberty International also expresses gratitude to the students for their enthusiasm, dedication, and passion, which added significant meaning to the program.

As Liberty International gears up for Project Arizona 2024, the focus is on educating and empowering more young leaders globally, passionate about advancing freedom, openness, and entrepreneurship in their countries. Consider contributing to Project Arizona .

Liberty International looks forward to seeing you at Project Arizona 2024. Stay connected through our social media channels and website for the upcoming announcement regarding Project 2024. 

Viva La Libertad Carajo!