Project Arizona returns for its 8th edition in October 2024. The event was conceptualized by Liberty International in 2016 to provide a small group of selected students a chance to study, work with local freedom champions, and deepen their understanding of American history, culture, values, and effective ways of communicating these ideas to the world.

Project Arizona 2024 will take place between October 26th and December 5th, 2024. The six-week intense academic program provides students with the opportunity to spend time in Phoenix and travel to various organizations, events, and the diverse landscape. The Class of 2024 will also be able to travel to an all-expense-paid trip to the Liberty International World Conference 2024 in Texas.

Described as a “program that any freedom lover should want to do at least once in a lifetime” by Jorge Galicia, a graduate of the 2019 class, Project Arizona inspires people from all over the world to consider the world in a new way and return home with different and innovative ideas for their own countries. This edition will open admissions for a select group of 10 people from all over the world and will focus on four main branches: academic, volunteer, network, and cultural immersion.

Studying in small seminar groups with a specialist tutor enables participants to study their subject in meaningful detail. Students attend daily lecture programs given by experts in the field and authors: the lecturers include Clint Bolick, Krystal Slavinski, Matthijs Tieleman, Alexey Gorbachev, Tom Jenney, Glenn Cripe, Kevin Flanagan, as well as special invited guests and entrepreneurs who will enrich the students with practical experience and networking opportunities.

Tom Jenney about the Class of 2023

This year’s batch of Project Arizona students was exceptionally diverse. We had students working on every stage of the freedom pipeline. We had a Japanese student who is working to raise the status of Austrian economics in Japan. We had an Argentine economist who will help to guide Argentina’s policymakers as they try to rescue that country from “basket case” status. We had an Indian woman who will work to help India develop a broad-based culture of individual freedom beyond market economics. We had a Georgian man whose goal is to popularize the ideas of Ayn Rand. We had two Polish students who are planning to work in law, legislation and politics. And, we had a Spanish man who is strategizing to build a coalition of pro-liberty organizations for Spain. Some of them came to Arizona knowing exactly what they wanted to do. Project Arizona helped them develop their plans. Other students did not know what they wanted to do, but left Arizona with new plans for how to advance freedom. That is the power of ideas. That is the promise of Project Arizona.

Project Arizona has influenced individuals all over the world. The alumni are making an impact in their communities. The opportunity is now open for students throughout the globe.