Over the years at Liberty International, we have been committed to developing resources that focus on highlighting misconceptions about libertarian ideals and clearly explain freedom in the simplest formats. This guiding principle is what has inspired the Libertarian Solutions course.

Libertarian Solutions is a three-layered online learning course designed for curious students, passionate young libertarians, and teachers. It dives deep into robust learning resources that enable you to put forward libertarian ideas and apply them to real-life situations. 

This lecture series assembles some of the most renowned experts who have had a first-hand learning experience experimenting with the concepts and practical solutions that were offered by this course. It consists of live-recorded sessions that host some of the world’s most renowned Libertarian experts like Lawrence Reed, Jeffrey Tucker, Mary Ruwart, Ken Schoolland, James Lark, Lobo Tiggre, among others; covering difficult topics under the libertarian umbrella. 

The Libertarian Solutions course equips you to be a persuasive voice for liberty in your daily interactions and has been designed to empower you to ‘put liberty to work’ and ‘stir the consciousness’ of your friends, family, acquaintances, and anyone who’ll listen to the ‘good news‘ of Liberty.

The whole course has been an eye-opener to me in all ways. It seems to have shaped and guided my new way of thinking. I've used this concept to a greater extent in helping me decide what’s best for me and my family. It has also helped me in running my small clinic, which I've recently set up. In just a few weeks, I have perceived so many changes in my life after adopting the measures suggested by Jeffrey Tucker, Jeff Crawford, and Robin Koerner and Dr. Mary Ruwart.

Binay Kumar PanjiyarNepal

Libertarian Solutions is a first choice for anyone who seeks to unlock a world of freedom. Ready to dive deep into a real-world application of libertarian principles and learn from libertarian legends?