Liberty International Board Member and VP for Latin American programs, Dr. Kyle Varner, was in Ecuador where he visited the Universidad San Francisco de Quito and gave a presentation “Socialism: The most dangerous disease in human history” and attended a dinner with Students for Liberty where he talked about Capitalism and Health. After he traveled to Cuenca, Ecuador where he had the chance to deliver again his presentation “Socialism: The most dangerous disease in human history” at the Universidad de Azuay and at Universidad de Cuenca he gave a talk on “Capitalism: The most important public health policy in the history of Humanity.” Each event in Cuenca had about 50 students, where Dr.Varner’s ideas were well- received by most students and prompted robust discussion. Dr. Varner believes that with these events, he was able to help strengthen the local Students for Liberty chapter and Bastiat Society organization, as well as introduce new people to Libertarianism while also calling attention to the atrocities of the Maduro regime in all his talks.