by Kris Kaleta

Uncertain future makes people ask what-if questions. What if we end up without energy? What if there is not enough space for all of us? What if collective ideas rally through societies for years to come, leaving nothing but a burnt ground? Well, we believe that tomorrow’s world is forged by our actions, and instead of what ifs we offer a valid alternative: Project Arizona. With statist ideologies taking over socio-political discourse, with binary education that offers nothing more than illogical and common vision of tomorrow, we stand out and claim that tomorrow is as free as it gets. 

Project Arizona is a leadership program for eight of the best liberty-driven students and recent graduates from all around the world who have a great chance to spend three-months working, studying and soaking up liberty in Phoenix, Arizona – one of the freedom movement’s capital of today’s world. In a nutshell, Project Arizona is our answer to what tomorrow’s world might need in the human department. The aim of the programme is to select, connect, and train the most outstanding young leaders of global freedom change. Our applicants are coming from different cultures, lands, backgrounds, and they share common principles of our movement; the so-called freedom-friendly core: individualism, self-responsibility, hard-working attitude, and belief in freedom as the foundation of the future world. 

You might ask how does Project Arizona work? It’s pretty simple: we bring a selected group of future freedom leaders to Phoenix, AZ, where they connect with leaders of the American liberty movement and attend seminars at Arizona State University, whilst doing top quality internships in local freedom-friendly businesses. On top of that, we make sure they bond during meaningful events and activities so that their experience is furthered with real friendships. Such a valuable network of contacts is underestimated when thinking about the future of our movement. After all, it’s a great way to implement our ideas both on local and pan-local levels. 

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Enroll for Project Arizona Class of 2021! Deadline is August 15th, 2020. 

Project Arizona is organized by Liberty International together with Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation.