Dear Liberty Friends,

We are happy to share our 2020 Annual Report! It was not an easy year for anyone and many of our plans had to be postponed but it was also an opportunity to innovate. Download here the Annual Report to read about our plans and priorities, as well as our work all over the world even in such a difficult year, and how Liberty International’s presence is making a difference in different nations, always bringing freedom as a global matter.

A few highlights from 2020 that you can read more in our report:

– Covid 19 Relief: A fund focused on helping people suffering from lockdowns in different parts of the world, including Nepal, India, Uganda, and Colombia.

– Libertarian Solutions 1.0: A 2-month long series of weekend online lectures on the fundamental principles of libertarianism. We had over 229 participants from 12 countries.

 Several Webinars on Covid related topics

– Also, our financial flow, and much more!