Liberty International is pleased to present a report on our summer networking meeting in Poland, which we organized in collaboration with Language of Liberty Institute and Ladies of Liberty Alliance (LOLA) Poland. The event took place on August 25th in Freedom Lounge, Warsaw, and was attended by libertarians and freedom enthusiasts from various backgrounds and countries, who engaged in fruitful discussions and social interactions.

The event consisted of daytime presentations and evening cocktails, covering topics such as entrepreneurship, classical liberal concepts, and personal stories of freedom. The event had close to 20 participants, who appreciated the quality and diversity of the presentations and the networking opportunities.

The program of the event was as follows:

  • Alejandra Moreno: Ladies of Liberty Alliance. Alejandra provided an introduction to LOLA, a global network of women who promote liberty and feminism. She explained the mission, vision, and activities of LOLA, and invited the participants to join the movement and support women’s empowerment.
  • Marina Brierley: Free Market Responses to Environmental Issues. Marina discussed how free markets can provide better solutions to environmental problems than government intervention. She gave examples of how private property rights, voluntary cooperation, and innovation can protect the environment and foster sustainability.
  • Jan Kubań: Insights into People in Power for Young Individuals. Jan shared his experience as a former advisor to the Polish president and a current consultant for political campaigns. He offered some insights into how people in power think and act, and what young individuals can do to influence them or challenge them.
  • Tania Rak: Navigating the Ethics of Egoism: Finding Balance Between Egoism and Altruism. Tania explored the ethical implications of egoism and altruism, two concepts that are often misunderstood or misused. She argued that egoism is not selfishness, but rather a rational pursuit of one’s own happiness and values. She also argued that altruism is not selflessness, but rather a voluntary and benevolent concern for others. She suggested that finding a balance between egoism and altruism is essential for living a good life.
  • Marina Brierley: Escaping East for Freedom. Marina gave the story of her family’s harrowing escape from Stalin’s Russia in 1930 when only one route was open. Trekking across Siberia eastbound for the Manchurian wilderness and into China. Living stateless there for 20 years they prospered until China too turned Communist and they were uprooted once more. Their determination to live in freedom inspired Marina – a granddaughter, to relate their brave deeds setting them into context of a brief Russian history. She demonstrated how much freedom mattered to her forebears that they risked their lives to gain it.
  • Glenn Cripe: Empowering Minds with Classical Liberal Ideas and Entrepreneurship. Glenn presented Language of Liberty Institute, a non-profit organization that organizes educational camps for young people around the world. He explained how the camps teach classical liberal ideas and entrepreneurship skills to empower the next generation of freedom leaders. He also invited the participants to support or volunteer for the camps.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the speakers, participants, sponsors, and organizers for their contribution to the success of this event. We hope that the event was beneficial and enjoyable for all attendees, and we look forward to seeing them again at our future events.