The Global Capitalism Awareness event is an annual project by Liberty International in collaboration with other partners, aimed at educating and empowering the Cheetah generation in Africa.

This project is designed to foster conversations and generate ideas for the economic liberation of Africa, engaging young libertarians on the continent with practical solutions to convey the importance of a free-market economy built on entrepreneurial development to policymakers and government institutions.

Each year, the event poses unique questions to dispel the myths surrounding capitalism and free-market principles. This year’s theme, “African Conscience of Capitalism,” seeks to clarify and address the true African perspective on capitalism in relation to economic freedom, emphasizing that capitalism is not a new concept to Africa. The Global Capitalism Awareness event is held annually on October 6th, which is recognized as Global Capitalism Awareness Day, dedicated to raising awareness about the significance of “Capitalism, Knowledge, Morality, and Empowerment” in every society, especially in Africa.

Over the past few years, this event has inspired and empowered young high school and university students to embark on entrepreneurial journeys, initiating small-scale enterprises and providing innovative solutions within their local communities. They have also contributed by writing outstanding articles that have earned them academic awards and recognition.

This year’s event is particularly exciting as we welcome esteemed guests, including Michael Malgeri, the Pioneer of Kids4Biz and author of “Johnny Profit,” Jacek Spendel, President of Liberty International, and Marina Brierley, an educationist and UK-based libertarian. We are thrilled about the upcoming activities and opportunities for scholars, students, and participants from across Africa and Nigeria at this year’s event.