Liberty International, represented by Rida Yumn Ahmed, had the privilege of participating in the illustrious 2023 Asia Liberty Forum, held in Kuala Lumpur on September 7th and 8th, 2023. This exceptional event, co-hosted by the Atlas Network and IDEAS (The Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs), was a gathering of some of the brightest minds and passionate advocates for liberty from across Asia.

The Asia Liberty Forum is an annual gathering organised by the Atlas Network and partner organisations, aimed at fostering discussions and collaborations among individuals and organizations dedicated to the principles of liberty and economic freedom in the Asia-Pacific region. It serves as a platform for sharing ideas, insights, and strategies for advancing the cause of liberty.

The two-day forum was nothing short of remarkable, offering a platform for inspiring speakers, thought-provoking panel discussions, and invaluable networking opportunities. The event brought together a diverse and dynamic group of individuals who share a common commitment to advancing the cause of liberty and progress in the region.

Among the notable sessions included in the program were Habits of Highly Successful Atlas Network Partners, Navigating Controversial Issues in Traditional Societies, Unseen Barriers for Women: Leadership in the Freedom Movement, The Road to Influence: Building Credibility and Establishing Your Organization’s Voice, Key Considerations in Charting a Path to Financial (De)centralization in Asia etc.

Distinguished speakers, including Basanta Adhikari, Founder & Director of Bikalpa—an Alternative; Joseph Emmanuel Angeles, Board of Trustees Member at the Foundation for Economic Freedom; Amit Chandra, CEO of the Centre for Civil Society; Tom Palmer, Executive Vice President for International Programs at Atlas Network; and Syed Kamall, Academic Fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs, etc. delivered insightful presentations that enriched the discourse.

The 2023 Asia Liberty Forum was not only a platform for intellectual exchange but also a testament to the shared vision of a freer and more prosperous Asia and, indeed, the world. The connections made at this event are poised to catalyse positive change and foster collaboration among individuals and organisations committed to advancing the cause of liberty. The winner of the Asia Liberty Award 2023 is Bikalpa—an Alternative represented by Basanta Adhikari, Founder & Director and the winner of Think Tank Shark Tank Competition is New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union represented by Oliver Bryan.

Looking ahead, Liberty International is eagerly anticipating the next Asia Liberty Forum in 2024, which is slated to be hosted in New Delhi, India. This forthcoming event promises to further ignite the flame of liberty and progress in the region and will undoubtedly be another milestone in the pursuit of a brighter future for Asia.