At Liberty International, we celebrate the dedication of our board members who are actively involved in promoting freedom worldwide. In a remarkable development, several of our board members got featured in a book edited by Jo Ann Cavallo & Walter E. Block, “Libertarian Autobiographies Moving Toward Freedom in Today’s World.” This anthology assembles the autobiographies of influential libertarians from across the globe, offering a glimpse into their lives, intellectual journeys, and their commitment to liberty.

Our featured Board Members:

Jacek Spendel: In his contribution titled “Beyond Philosophy: Libertarianism as a Way of Life,” Jacek Spendel delves into his personal journey of embracing libertarianism and how it has become a way of life for him.

Per L. Bylund: Per Bylund’s autobiographical essay, “From Meager Means to Market Anarchism: The Political Evolution of an Ordinary Swede,” provides insights into his political evolution, from humble beginnings to advocating for market anarchism.

Li Schoolland: In “A Survivor’s Story,” Li Schoolland shares her unique journey as an African libertarian, offering a captivating narrative of her life and the principles that guide her.

Other prominent figures:

In addition to our Board Members, Walter Block’s book features a wealth of prominent figures from the world of libertarianism, including David Friedman, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Michael Huemer, Brad Lips, Robert P. Murphy, Johan Norberg, Mark Skousen, Josef Šíma, and many more.