Liberty International recognizes that this is a very volatile issue on the world stage with many divergent solutions. We invite people to enter into a discussion of this topic for open discourse. We are opening the discussion with a submission from our long-time friend, LI Representative – Tomislav Krsmanovic, He received our Torch of Freedom Award for his many contributions to peace and prosperity throughout the Balkan Regions. 

Jews have suffered for centuries, after millions of victims of the Holocaust in the Second World War, they all dreamed as one that they would finally have their own state, where it existed so many centuries ago, and more. Israel is so strong, it has with it very powerful states on the planet. It is impossible to do anything more serious about the survival or weakening of the State of Israel.

There are those on the Palestinian side who cannot understand that it is unrealistic to expect Israel to be weakened or removed in any way. Despite this factual situation on the ground, the Palestinian people have a completely unattainable dream of returning to the previous state. Which is emotionally understandable but is unfounded in reality. Emotions are at work, unhealed wounds, but in reality they are unrealistic assessments.

And all that costs a lot. It is sad and tragic that in the state of the unfortunate people of Palestine, the interests of certain neighboring, albeit insufficiently powerful states, but also of some more distant, very powerful, most powerful states on the planet intersect. The bond of these external powers occasionally strengthened Palestine. Which in the end turns out to be just an illusion.

And then when Israel is forced, through preventive actions and in other ways, it demonstrates not only its enormous military and every other supremacy, but also the expertise of its military and geo-political strategists, military experts, which it is forced to do in order to survive, to energetically cancel the growing appetites in the territory of Palestine in a flash.

In the end, the biggest victims are innocent people, above all in Palestine. But now, after the latest conflict, tragic news is coming from Israel, that in the last few days, the most Jews have died since the Holocaust. which will have tragic consequences for the Palestinians, which will further mature into a growing feeling that the conflicts lead to their harm and very painful losses.

The indignation of the Palestinians is understandable. But at the same time, it is undoubtedly the historic right of the eternally exterminated Jews to have their own state.

In this latest conflict, it appears that Palestine has strengthened militarily and in other ways, with the help of Hamas and other Muslim extremist organizations, that it has managed to deal painful blows to Israel.

So much the worse for the poor Palestinian people. Israel will react to all this energetically, and as Netanyahu said, it will take fifty years for Palestine to become strong again. It was like that before. So then, when and if it gets stronger, Israel will react again as it does now.

How long will it all last?

The people of Palestine see that some dark forces are dragging them into tragic conflicts with Israel, that they are abusing their justified fears and visions, that they are dragging them into uncertain outcomes, and that in the end there is no decisive support from anyone, that they are again left in the lurch. This feeling is getting stronger and will one day become the definitive determination of Palestine – the way out is not in wars, but in coexistence with Israel. May the wolves be full and the sheep in number.

In Western civilization, and not only in it, there is some thought about the point of view of certain objectivist thinkers, about the shape of our planet where enlightened rational individuals and peoples will live. And their political leaders, who objectively evaluate geo-politics and relations between peoples and states, who they do not perceive freedom as anarchists do, but as acting according to the necessity of relationships and respect for Power. They tend to see freedom as the choice of the best solution of the individual or nation within the necessity imposed by the laws of Force and Power.

Hegel dialectically understands the relationship between freedom and necessity in such a way that freedom, which would not have necessity in itself, or mere necessity without freedom, represent abstract and therefore untrue provisions. He sees history as the “advancement of the consciousness of freedom.” 

If the peoples of the planet came to this realization, which at first glance could falsely appear as voluntary acceptance of slavery, it would actually be recognition of the objective circumstances on the planet, there would be no wars, there would be much more prosperity. This would pave the way to a planet of reason and objective assessments and mutually beneficial relations between the Power, on the one hand, and the Prosperity of peoples outside the Power and Force states.

For the first time in its history, humanity would move towards the Dream Planet.

Is such a colossal philosophical turn of perception possible in the relations between Israel and Palestine? The State of Israel cannot be destroyed. The people of Palestine must definitely come to terms with that fact, no matter how painful it was for them, because it is true. 

Instead of anger and belligerence, which have so far proved to be tragic outcomes, we should seek different outcomes. And they are in negotiations and at peace. Palestine must definitively come to terms with the survival of the state of Israel and renounce the conflict, because nothing can be achieved by doing so.

Israel, for its part, should do everything to, with a deep appreciation of the tragic past, wars, sufferings and victims, devote itself most sincerely and with the best and noblest intentions to the search for a formula for coexistence. To provide the people of Palestine with a peaceful life and prosperity in return.


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