I have a pleasure of announcing a brand new Liberty Camp location this year! This year our annual Polish camp will be held not in Poland, but rather in sunny Malta!
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Date: April 23-30, 2014
Price: 160 EUR

This includes the program, materials, 3-star accommodation at Hotel Bugibba, and two meals a day! Not a bad deal, right? 🙂
The flight is on you, but there are plenty of inexpensive connections to Malta, especially with Ryanair.
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Why in Malta?

The main reason for choosing this location was that students at previous camps asked us if we could organize the camp somewhere in Southern Europe, in a warmer climate. But of course, that’s not the only reason! Malta is well-known as a great place to practice English, as it is country’s second official language. It is also a very affordable place, particularly in the off-season, when we will be there.

What can I expect?

These seven days in sunny Malta will be filled with debates, discussions, exploring the island, beaching, and of course a multitude of social activities. In late April the island is already warm enough to be a great place for spring retreat. You can get there by regular and cheap airlines, from nearly anywhere in Europe. Some tips about that you can find in the “Travelling to Malta” part of our website.

What is special about this camp in Malta?

Now that we have had nearly 2,000 students go through our programs and have helped to develop a new generation of leaders by providing the “essentials” of the libertarian/classical liberal philosophy, we want to pay more attention to how this philosophy can be applied in our day-to-day lives. You could say that we are moving from theory to practice!
We will discuss such a topics as the institution of civil society and its impact on individual freedom, or role of intellectuals and spontaneous order. There will be also workshops with successful business people, to instruct students on how to achieve financial freedom.
I encourage you to come and join us in Malta this spring! You can be certain about the adventure, fun, and liberty waiting for you there.

Register at www.malta.languageofliberty.org and see you soon!

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