April 9, 2019

Apply now for Freedom Week!

We're excited to announce that students can now apply for Freedom Week: an annual, one-week seminar in August on classical liberal and free market thinking, held by the Adam Smith Institute and the Institute of Economic Affairs, in the University of Cambridge.…
October 26, 2018

Adventures in Uganda

By Marina Brierley Last February I had the privilege of attending a Liberty and Entrepreneurship camp in Uganda. Such an inspirational event – to meet so many ambitious, thoughtful young people interested and hungry for the ideas of Liberty. Many were…
October 22, 2015

CYCLE 2015

Are you joining us at the CYCLE 2015 free online conference? CYCLE 2015 is hosted by our friends at, and the participation is completely free of any charge or cost, and fully accessible to anyone in the world who can…
March 19, 2015


Researching Reality Internship in New Delhi is for college students and researchers who wish to apply social and economic principles to real-life problems through in-depth research projects. It provides interns with valuable training in areas of research, analysis, writing, and…
June 4, 2014

Truant in America

Have you ever heard of anybody who never went to school? No, I don't mean 'home schooled'. I'm talking about no school at all. No curriculum. No home school course. No online accredited program. Never went to Kindergarten, or any…