Mtindo Network is a young youth led startup think tank, located in the heart of Uganda, Kampala district- kikaaya parish, kisota local Area. It was founded by a young Ugandan Libertarian and Leader known as Bua Oscar Denis, a student from Kyambogo University and a writer. Denis is a Langi by tribe, aged 24 years and from Lira District, the Northern part of Uganda. He was introduced to the Libertarian ideas in 2018 by Libertarian Friends from his university in Kyambogo and Mr. Mugabi John Socrates the Director of Action for Liberty and Economic Development where he appreciated these ideas and became part of students for liberty.

Denis is passionate about social change, writing, free market advocacy, youth empowerment, Free Society principles and leadership. He is a youth advocate, local youth leader in his village area and has since participated in various youth and community development projects that have helped create a free, prosperous and sustainable society.

He became a local coordinator with students for Liberty from 2019 to 2020 where he later advanced to being the National Coordinator for African Students For Liberty Uganda from 2020 to 2021 of May where he greatly fell in love with the ideas of Liberty and helped advance them to wider areas in Uganda. Some of the activities and Projects he helped develop and participated in while at students for Liberty Include:

  • He helped organize a Campus Event at Kyambogo University in 2019 under the Theme: The Mindset change Forum that was aimed at introducing the ideas of Liberty to the University students and was attracted an audience of over 60 students.
  • He also helped organize a Local Coordinator Retreat at Makerere University in October where he was appointed as an acting National Coordinator after the National Coordinator Mr. Iga Ronald Resigned by then.
  • Denis also together with other students for Liberty Leaders helped organize and moderated the Libertarian Campus Debate that was organized by Action for Liberty and Economic Development, students for Liberty and Nkumba University Debate Society in 2019/20.
  • While serving as the National Coordinator, he together with local Coordinator George Justice Kanyihamba developed a leader’s skilling program called the Regional Drive where we toured to different Universities in Uganda like Makerere, Nkumba, and Mbarara University to teach our local coordinators with more of libertarian ideas and philosophies in 2020.
  • In Partnership Action for Liberty and Economic Development, Nkumba Debate society, Denis Led the Students for Liberty Uganda Team in organizing an Inter-University Debate at Nkumba University that hosted a number of universities in debate about the free society principles.

Mtindo Network derives its vision to empower Africa through providing necessity skills and knowledge to implement sustainable programs that will increase employment opportunities and business productivity. From the local reality that many young communities and young people live in the shadows of under skills and inexperience in Leadership and ignorance about the possibilities of the free society principles to help cause desired progress and prosperity. Many people lack the critical skills and knowledge in Leadership and management, Business and Entrepreneurship that can enable them succeed in whatever they are involved in.

Our Organization therefore seeks to advance the knowledge about free society principles and the leadership, Business and Entrepreneurship skills to various young people in local communities and universities in Uganda.

Our Objectives include:

  • To mobilize young people to be change and development agents in their societies.
  • To provide high quality and affordable professional Training to improve productivity and employability.
  • To Train young people in Leadership skills, Entrepreneurship and Free Society Principles.
  • To Create and maintain a dynamic and collaborative business Environment.
  • To Promote Borderless learning across Africa and make Quality Training accessible to all.

Mtindo Network with its stakeholders and supporters will pursue its mission and vision through the following 4 focus Areas:

  • Capacity Building. This will be directed towards equipping our staff, volunteers and the audience with the relevant leadership and management skills and free society principles knowledge to succeed both at workplaces and in their communities.
  • Advocacy and Awareness Campaigns: through designing advocacy and awareness campaigns on youth rights, free market policies thus creating a favorable environment for executing our mission.
  • Educational and Research Projects: we aim at making Mtindo Network a Research Hub of Quality Research and Data Analysis on Economic policies, local Business and Entrepreneurship and Leadership. 
  • Strategic Partnerships and Collaboration: Mtindo Network aims at working closely with Organizations and institutions with the same vision or are willing to support a certain cause to bring about community and national impact.

Our Core Values include Skills Development, Community Impact, Creativity and Innovation, Teamwork and Collaborations, Capacity Building, Diversity and Inclusion.

Mtindo Network has worked on a few programs and projects including:

  • Local Research project on the barriers to Economic Freedom and prosperity in my local area in kikaaya parish, Kampala- Uganda.
  • Youth Discussion aiming at identifying the problems and challenges faced by the young people in community from unemployment and poverty, Leadership and wide spread ignorance on necessity information and knowledge.
  • Partnership Activity Event of the introduction to Entrepreneurship book by Eamon Butler donated by Network for a free society in partnership with Action for liberty and Economic Development, students for liberty Uganda and Youth lap.

Upcoming Programs and Projects by Mtindo Network for 2021/22

  • The LeadAfrica21 Digital Conference that is a mentorship and skilling program for young people and community members in Leadership, business and Entrepreneurship where we shall feature professional and experienced leaders in the business world and civil society in the 2nd week of  November 2021.
  • Joint outreach program to different universities and local communities around Uganda with Action for Liberty and Economic Development, Students for Liberty Uganda, Youth lap, Diko Foundation, African Justice Media teaching and sharing the knowledge in the introduction to Entrepreneurship Book.
  • Partnership Event at the Upcoming Libertarian Retreat in November 27th  2021 in Entebbe with Action For Liberty and Economic Development, Harambe, African Justice Media, Diko Foundation, students for liberty Uganda.
  • Free Markets campaign activity in my local community Area of kikaaya parish, kawempe- Kampala, Uganda.
  • Policy Discussions on the Impacts of Economic Interventions.
  • Rule of Law Debate with different law department Universities like Makerere University, Nkumba University, Uganda Christian University Mukono, Victoria University and in partnership with bodies and institutions like Uganda Law Society, Action for Liberty and Economic Development, African Justice Media, Diko Foundation, Ethical African Organization etc.
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship book Readings and discussions in different university settings and local communities.
  • Online and Physical Leadership and Entrepreneurship mentorship programs in partnership with different Think tank organizations and civil society institutions.

Mtindo Network therefore calls for any kind of financial, material resources or mentorship and knowledge support and assistance from libertarians around the world in establishing to achieve its mission and vision of creating a free, skilled and prosperous African society.

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Mtindo Network

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