Dear My Americans, European, Japanese, French, and friends from all other nationalities,
I am writing this post because by discussing what has been going on in Egypt, I found out that, unfortunately, the news does not tell the whole story regarding two issues.

1. The death penalty that was given to 529 members of Muslim Brotherhood.

Regarding this issue, unfortunately the news only talks about the verdict, they do not talk about why these guys were convicted. So why were they convicted? Did you know that these guys killed fifteen policemen and 44 other Egyptians? Did you know that these guys burnt down eight churches and four mosques. Did you know that these guys badly injured more than 400 Egyptians? Did you know that these guys belong to a group that has been the source of all the radical Muslims in the world?
If the USA and UK waged war in Iraq just to be sure that their oil sources were secured, do we Egyptians not have the right to make sure that our lives are secure? If you have a very well organized group that has hundreds of thousands of members that are very determined to rule you or kill you, what would your opinion be then? As an Egyptian that loves his country, I believe that people who do that do not deserve to live among us.
If you think that these guys are defending their rights in power, do not forget that when young Egyptian people went in to the streets to send the message that the leadership’s way of running the country is against democracy and freedom, they killed many of them. Just few steps from the presidential palace. Moreover, a few hours later, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the president of Egypt at that time, actually came out to approve this killing and encourage his followers to as their actions were supported by Sharia.
These guys declared that “killing one third of Egyptians for the sake of enforcing Sharia law is acceptable”. Had only a few thousand people come out to protest on June 30, 2013, rather than the far greater masses that did, thousands of Egyptians would have been killed. The worst part that our president could believe that would be acceptable. How would you feel if your president said that?
The highest authority for Islamic rules is the Alazher, and in their attempt to implement their sick-minded understanding of Sharia, they have even taken action to try to take Alazher out of the game.
Do you know what would happen, if these guys were to continue to have power in Egypt? You can see for yourself what rulers like them they are doing in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Gaza, and Sudan.
For people who believe that our army did not do the right thing, what would you have wanted our army to do? Could they watch Egypt become a safe haven for terrorist groups, as has happened in the other countries mentioned above, and do nothing about it? Could they let the leadership go on killing Egyptians in the name of their sick-minded understanding of Islam? If the army did not intervene and side with young Egyptians who love democracy and freedom, many more would be dead. As would be our newborn democracy and freedom, that has already cost us the lives of hundreds of Egyptian lovers of democracy and freedom.
If some of your governments do not care about Egyptians and only care about their narrow interests, I till you what: we, young Egyptian people, are very determined to protect our country, to develop our country, and to create a better future for our kids. We, the young Egyptian people are very determined to keep our history of being a multicultural country.
Anyone who is willing to kill Egyptians just because he has a sick mind has to be dealt with seriously.

2. Regarding the role of the army and Si Si being run for the presidential office

The Egyptian people have already gotten rid of two bad regimes, and should be able to choose their president. I think it’s a great thing that the Egyptian government will not allow foreign NGOs or foreign governments to intervene in our internal issues. Particularly the governments that have supported previous ugly regimes in our country.
I hope that our government will not allow what is called ‘international observation’ of the elections in Egypt. Why is that? Simply because we do not go to other countries to intervene in their internal issues.
My final message is that “Our freedom is our goal”. No one can stand between us and our goal. Our freedom is not going to be a gift from a foreign power or a gift from a domestic group. Our freedom is going to be a goal that we, the Young Egyptian People, will get for ourselves, not just receive.
Ali Massoud, Ph.D
Sohag University

Photo courtesy of Rasanews

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