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August 20, 2020

Stop Corruption

By Dr. Richard W. Morris, J.D., Ph.D The Democrats complain the Koch Brothers put hundreds of millions into elections. The Republicans complain George Soros puts hundreds of millions into elections. Candidates for congress and senate seats send emails all over…
Individual Rights
November 15, 2017

Bolivia: A liberty hell

By José Manuel Ormachea For the last few years, most of the regional analysis as to the status of civil, political and economic liberties has focused on the Venezuelan crisis. Nonetheless, there is another country where a crisis is taking place…
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December 8, 2015

Women for Liberty

As the world gets ready to celebrate International Human Rights Day this Friday, SFL is thrilled to announce some timely news: Women For Liberty will be launching a brand new website this Friday, December 10th! (Check back here for updates.)…
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March 12, 2015

Equal Freedom For Men and Women!

In Chile this year’s International Women's Day was marked by president Michelle Bachelet's announcement of a new Ministry of Women and Gender Equality to be installed this year. Aimed at ending gender inequality and violence and discrimination towards women, the…