Jim Lark, professor in the University of Virginia’s school of engineering and applied science, and board member of Liberty International, will give a talk at the Norwegian Libertarian Party congress on Saturday, April 30th, 2016 in Oslo, Norway. The Norwegian Libertarian Party is called “Liberalistene”, and the congress will feature party leader Arnt Rune Flekstad, youth leader Fredrik Lavinge, John Holmesland of Liberstad, and Carl Svanberg of the Ayn Rand Institute, as well as Tom Woods via Skype.
In addition, Dr. Lark also gave presentations at the Virginia Military Institute on April 21st, 2016, the Libertarian Party of North Carolina Convention on April 23rd, and the Adam Smith Gala at Campbell University on April 23rd.
At the Virginia Military Institute, Dr. Jim Lark’s presentation was titled “Warning: Governmentally-Mandated Safety Measures May Be Hazardous to Your Health.”
In March of 2016, Jim Lark gave a presentation at the ESFL Conference 2016 in Prague titled “By the Numbers”.
At the talk in Prague, Jim Lark talked about how liberty activists can make the case for liberty.
“We must apply the same withering scrutiny to our own ideas, that we apply to the ideas of others,” said Dr. Lark.
Jim also talked about how important respect is when it comes to persuasion. According to Jim, if liberty activists treat people with courtesy and respect, “they’ll usually listen to your ideas. And in many cases, the big victories you will win are those where you simply clear away people’s misconceptions about what the libertarian perspective is all about.”
Dr. Jim Lark went on to discuss how numbers can be misleading when thinking about public policy questions. In Dr. Lark’s view, it’s important to look at data and evidence in an honest way.
View the full video below:

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