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October 7, 2014

Keynesianism in Chile

Last week Chilean president Michelle Bachelet announced an “especially anti-cyclical” government budget for 2015. Utilizing the usual rhetoric of creating jobs and stimulating the economy, the first budget in her second term is set to increase by a whopping 9.8…
AsiaEconomic PolicyEducationJonathan Gullible
May 31, 2014

Children's musical production of Jonathan Gullible in Kazakhstan

ISIL funds supported the making CD's for the children's musical production of stories from The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible. Lyudmila Людмила Мельникова and Pavel Koktyshev have accomplished a magnificent success in Kazakhstan. Along with the internet distribution, these CD's are going to schools throughout…
AsiaEconomic PolicyEducation
March 10, 2014

Japan and the Free Market

This week ISIL President Ken Schoolland joined a discussion—alongside Sean Matsumoto of Japan’s Happy Science Academy—hosted by Think Tech Hawaii about education in Japan. You can skip to 29m 27s for this part of the discussion. Government control of education…