April 18, 2016

Entrepreneurial Communities

Is a mall a community? Yes, argues Spencer H. MacCullum, an American anthropologist, business consultant and author. "The first, what you might call entrepreneurial community, was the hotel," said Spencer. He gave the example of the Tremont House in Boston in the…
February 7, 2016

Is Bali More Free than the US?

Is Bali more free than the United States?  In some ways, it is, said Jack Blaylock at the World Conference on Market Liberalization in Bali in 2015, hosted by the International Society for Individual Liberty. "I have more freedom and…
December 14, 2014

Conflicts and Harmonies of Interest

One day, the government told me to stop teaching piano lessons.  Yes . . . as crazy as that sounds, it's true. I was a music teacher at a public school.  My crime was that I taught private piano lessons on the side,…
November 22, 2014

Private Roads

Here's an experiment: The next time you go for a car ride, count the number of private roads you drive on. You may be surprised at how many private roads you drive on every day. To many people, a private…
June 25, 2014

The Market for Morality

The first time I took an online taxi cab – I was nervous.  Here I was on a street corner, using an iphone app (Uber or Lyft) to call a random driver.  Who was this mysterious person?  If anyone with…