Cycle Lithuania 2018

“Life is sacrifice and risk taking, and nothing that doesn’t entail some moderate amount of the former, under the constraint of satisfying the latter, is close to what we can call life. If you do not undertake a risk of real, reversible or even potentially irreversible, harm from an adventure, it is not an adventure.” —Nassim N. Taleb   Cycle Lithuania 2018, A Freedom and Entrepreneurship Camp, August 19-23 For generations, young people have been given one formula for success: “Study hard, get good grades, go to the best university, and by hook or by crook, get a well-paying corporate gig that will set you up for life.” If this formula ever worked, it’s broken now. Millions of young people have learned the hard way that universities provide little of the practical knowledge required for success—or even getting a job—in the ever-changing, just-in-time global economy. There is no such thing as a job security. The “lucky ones” who get positions with the big corporations quickly learn that this is a modern form of serfdom. They often feel alienated and frustrated, without any “skin in the game” giving them a piece of the brighter future. Add to this mix increasing levels of automation, which is eliminating hundreds of millions of jobs around the world—and with AI help, it’s not just unskilled labor. So, what should young people do? Despair? Not at all! Remember the process economists call “creative destruction.” Yes, the old way of doing things is dying, but new ways are being born. Innovation is creating millions of new professions, spearheaded by this wonderful group of people called entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is hard work, but it gives people the chance to create whatever life they want. Entrepreneurs don’t wait for permission to live their dreams—they do it! Just look at Steve …

Registrations are now open for the 2018 LI World Conference!

Join with Liberty International friends from around the world And enjoy one of Europe’s most beautiful cities   LI World Liberty Summit Grand Ascot Hotel Krakow, Poland August 12-16, 2018   For information and registration:   The 2018 Liberty International World Conference will be held in beautiful Krakow, Poland. The city survived World War II intact, and is full of magnificent old buildings, art, music, and fine food. Everybody we know who has been to Krakow raves about it. Poland had a rising libertarian movement even before the fall of the Wall. Murray Rothbard lectured there in 1986, and a number of works including Rand, Friedman, Hayek, and Mises were translated at the time, and many more since. Several active organizations arose after the fall of communism. The lead host for the Krakow conference is Jacek Spendel, head of the Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation (FEF) , and assisted by FEF VP Marcin Chmielowski,   FEF runs numerous seminars around Poland and worked with Glenn Cripe of Language of Liberty Institute on two Liberty Camps in Poland this year. Jacek also organizes Project Arizona, which brings select Polish students to Phoenix, Arizona for free-market economics studies and internships with local libertarian organizations and businesses, and to learn about life in America. FEF produced a documentary on the forgotten free-market Krakow School of Economics of the late 19th – early 20th centuries, and is now in the early stages of producing a full-length documentary movie on the life of Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises. Jan Kuban, software entrepreneur and the new president of the Polish-American Foundation for Economic Research and Education (PAFERE) is co-host of the Krakow conference. PAFERE also runs seminars, assists with the Liberty Camps, and is very active in both translating liberty classics and in current publishing aimed …

Lebanon 2017 Winter Program

By Ken Schoolland On December 15, Patrick Mardini, President of the Lebanese Institute for Market Studies (LIMS) hosted activists from 5 major political parties: the Future Movement Party, the Lebanese Forces Party, the Lebanese Kataeb Party, the Azm Movement, and the National Liberal Party (December 15). I was invited to be the facilitator for this workshop, the final step of LIMS Leaders Academy in partnership with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Lebanon and Syria, a yearly intensive economic capacity building program, aiming to empower party representatives to draft market-oriented policy propositions for feasible solutions in Lebanon. My wife was invited to give the keynote address at the graduation banquet for the International Federation of Liberal Youth’s (IFLY) 42nd annual General Assembly. On December 16, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation of Lebanon and Syria hosted the Liberal Alphabet Series, E: EnterTraining Liberals with a presentation on the use of my book for economics training, now published in 50+ languages worldwide, including Arabic, French, and English for use in Lebanon.   My wife, Li, gave presentations about China and I gave presentations about migration and prosperity at roundtable events for young leaders of the Democratic Renewal Political Party (December 19), the Lebanese Political Forces Political Party (December 20), AZM University (December 21), and the Future Movement Political Party (December 21).        

Austin event a success!

Last month, Liberty International hosted a conference titled “Secrets to Preventing and Treating Disease in the Ever-Changing U.S. Health Care Landscape.” The one-day conference was held in Austin, Texas, and featured John MacKey, Mary Ruwart, Sally Pipes, Naomi Lopez-Bauman, Kyle Varner, and David Vequist. First, Sally Pipes gave an update on Obamacare, and discussed her plan to achieve affordable, accessible, quality care. Next, John Mackey, founder of Whole Foods, shared his ideas about nutrition, supplements and other aspects of healthy living. Mary Ruwart, Ph.D., gave a lunch seminar about little known “secrets” for early detection of disease, prevention ideas, treatment possibilities, and end of life options. After lunch, Naomi Lopez-Bauman gave an update on Right-to-Try policies, and patient autonomy. Kyle Varner, M.D. shared his research into medical tourism, which could help audience members find alternatives to American medicine. And finally, David Vequist, Ph.D. expanded on the conversation about medical tourism, patent consumerism, and free markets winning in health care. Stay tuned for a video of the conference, which will be posted soon! In the meantime, Liberty International announced the World Conference in Puerto Rico to be held on August 8-12. Click here for more information!    

Cycle 16

JULY 4 – 8, 2016 We are pleased to announce that in addition to being free for all to participate in online via, this year’s CYCLE will be held live in Trakai Lithuania, July 4-9, 2016. The live sessions will be broadcast live via LIVE. Everyone  is welcome to participate. But you must be a member in in order to participate. The good news is that membership is free so please don’t hesitate to JOIN NOW. Broadcast times are shown in local time (Vilnius) and in EDT, in parentheses.  If you can’t make a live broadcast, no worries, all broadcasts are recorded and made available for later viewing at LIVE. Monday, July 4 15:30 (8:30 am EDT) — Lobo Tiggre — “Hard” is Not “Impossible” And “Easy” is Rarely “Valuable” 17:00 (10:00 am EDT) — Wolf von Laer — Emotional Intelligence 18:30 (11:30 am EDT) — Ken Schoolland — Immigration 20:00 (1:00 pm EDT) — Mary Ruwart — Why Liberty—Not Government—Is the Friend of the Disadvantaged Tuesday, July 5 10:00 (3:00 am EDT) — Lobo Tiggre — Shift Happens (Business 101) 11:30 (4:30 am EDT) — Eddy Balcikonis — Start Your Startup at CYCLE 16 13:00 (6:00 am EDT) — Skinner Layne — In a Creative Economy, the Key Word Is, Adapt 15:30 (8:30 am EDT) — Zilvinas Silenas — Income Equality 17:00 (10:00 am EDT) — Raminta Girdvaine — Interactive Session, A Confidence Building Game 18:30 (11:30 am EDT) — Marc Victor — Freedom and the Law 20:00 (10:00 am EDT) — Jeffrey Tucker — Career Management, the Untaught Skill Wednesday, July 6 10:00 (3:00 am EDT) — Lobo Tiggre — I was Born an Ugly Duckling (Life 101) 11:30 (4:30 am EDT) — Ven. Robina Courtin — Living Radically – The Open Heart 13:00 (6:00 am EDT) — Oleksandra Kudrytska — Freedom and Entrepreneurship in a War Zone: Lessons from Ukraine 15:30 (8:30 am EDT) — Tom Palmer — Self-Control or State Control 17:00 (10:00 am EDT) …

Morocco Conference May 25 to May 28

This message from Li Schoolland gives the latest information about the upcoming conference in Marrakesh, Morocco, which is organized by the Arab Center for Scientific Research and Humane Studies. The conference is not organized by Liberty International, but we fully support their efforts. We are very eager to see you at the conference in Marrakesh from the evening of May 25 to May 28, an excellent and purposeful program “Peace Through Entrepreneurship,” hosted by the Arab Center for Scientific Research and Humane Studies. In addition to a line up of international speakers the Arab Center will be bringing 15 MENA (Middle East & North Africa) civic leaders and 50 participants from Morocco. As so much is being packed into the program, much of the benefit is from a community of minds in building personal and intellectual relationships that we think can change the world at this crucial time. A draft of the program with speakers and topics is available on the website of the Arab Center: The venue is Marrakesh, listed by Trip Advisor as the number one destination for travelers, so there is much to experience in Morocco. Accommodations are at the 5-star Les Jardins de l’Agdal.  You are urged to register soon at:, before the end of April so that a room can be reserved for you at the conference venue. Your early registration helps immensely in finalizing the program with Nouh el Harmouzi and his team at the Arab Center. If you are coming from a country that requires a visa, urgency is essential. For all of your questions please contact Nouh el Harmouzi as soon as possible: [email protected]

Morocco May 26 – 28: Peace Through Entrepreneurship Conference

TFTEvents and the Arab Center for Scientific Research and Humane Studies presents the Peace Through Entrepreneurship Conference in Marrakesh, Morocco.  The conference runs from May 26th – 28 and features many speakers from David Friedman, Tom Palmer, Dan Mitchell, Christpher Lingle, Ken Schoolland, and many more. Please note that the conference is not organized by the International Society for Individual Liberty.  But we champion the work of one of our valued members, Li Schoolland, organizer of TFTEvents, and of the conference in Morocco. To register for the conference, please click here.  

Students For Liberty Nepal Report

Bibek Aryal recently shared this report from a monthly event called “Prospects with Professionals”, a monthly program of Students For Liberty, Nepal. “Prospects with Professionals” is an hour and half long event, once in a month, where a entrepreneurs/social change makers share their experiences and knowledge with prospects entrepreneur/students.  This brainstorming event brings together the most relevant experts from business.  This is an opportunity to gain visibility for students to share ideas and gain knowledge on specific entrepreneurial opportunities in Nepal and to meet other entrepreneurs and innovative Nepalese. The event brings together over 200 students to explore the latest developments and innovations in business and to provide a better understanding of the fundamentals of entrepreneurship in a free market.  It is a platform to prepare for the opportunities that lie ahead as Nepal’s economy continues to increase and move forward to open economy. On December 9, 2015, Bibek Aryal hosted the very first session of the event in Kathmandu Nepal, with around 300 audience members of Undergraduate Level.  Speaker talked about being creative individuals about their individual right to explore new ideas.  A question and answer round followed some sessions, as well as a focus on personal motivation. Congratulations to Students for Liberty, Nepal!  Keep up the great work!

A Report from the World Conference on Market Liberalization in Bali 2015

International Society on Individual Liberty (ISIL) is an organization that upholds the freedom of individuals and engages actively in facilitating activities that promote individual freedom. In July, ISIL held the ISIL World Conference on Market Liberalization in Ubud, Bali. The event gathered various groups of people ranging from economists, human rights activists, journalists, academics, and students from around the world to discuss market liberalization as the main topic as well as other issues related to the freedom of individuals. I was chosen as one of the students from Indonesia to attend the event with a full scholarship from Friedrich Naumann Foundation and Freedom Institute after going through a rigorous selection process. The event was held at Villa Bhiyu Siyu, Ubud from 29 June to 3 July 2015. I came in a little late on the first day after attending the National Climate Change Forum 2015 earlier in Seminyak. When the Indonesian representatives and I arrived at the venue, the event has already started and the host-country speakers which were represented by the Director of Freedom Institute, Rizal Mallarangeng, was giving his opening speech, followed by economist David Friedman and Dr Mary J Ruwart who discussed the climate change from economic perspective. ISIL World Conference did not only provide the participants with high-quality speakers consist of more than 36 speakers from around the world, but also interesting discussion sessions and in-depth discussions around the issue of freedom, particularly market liberalization. Not only that, ISIL World Conference also gave me a new family, as the participants became increasingly close with each other during interactive games designed by committee to introduce the participants who came from the United States, United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Africa, Thailand, Australia, Japan, China, Korea, Switzerland, Malaysia, Cambodia, Nepal, Greece, etc. The games were held every afternoon after the …

The Power of Spontaneous Order

Day 2 of the World Conference on Market Liberalization in Bali.  Andrew Humphries helped to organize an activity to help explain the irrationality of central planning, and the power of the spontaneous order — with our shoes!   ANDREW HUMPHRIES is a former faculty at Michael Polanyi College, a three-year liberal arts program at University Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala. He received a B.A. in Liberal Arts from St. John’s College, Santa Fe and an M.Ed. from Endicott College. Before joining MPC, Andrew was a Program Associate with Center for Civil Society in the Academy Team, where he facilitated short courses in political economy for college students. He has taught in private Montessori and charter schools in the United States and is also a summer Socratic Practice facilitator at the Reason, Individualism, Freedom Institute. He has a special interest in Socratic education, political philosophy, the history and philosophy of mathematics and science, and the “Austrian” tradition of economics and social science.